Best Freezer Container Reviews 2022: Top 5+ Recommended

Do you guys get frustrated with lousy freezer containers that suddenly break or give your food a weird taste? Are you tired of low-quality freezer containers? I will help you find top-quality freezer containers on the market, at an affordable price!

Best Freezer Containers

I understand how you feel. I was just lamenting to Barbara about how whenever I pull my chicken out of the freezer, it always looks and smells awful. Being a dietitian, I place a high priority on correctly preserving food, thus the only thing I ask of my containers is that they carry out their intended function.

Catherine, on the other hand, was also interested in finding some sturdy containers because she frequently laments about falling and breaking her containers (she is really clumsy, hehe).

Unfortunately, you rarely receive high-quality containers. For this reason, I made a list of some of the best freezer containers that I have personally tried and can recommend.

Stay with me, and I’ll assist you in your quest if you’re hoping to locate the ideal containers for your house.

What is a freezer container?

So, for starters, I have to say that there are plenty of ways to store food, and you have probably already tried all of them: plastic freezer bags, zipper bags, jars, foil, freezer paper…the list goes on. However, given my experience, I can say that none of these work as well as the good old containers.

Freezer storage containers can be a great investment because they are an affordable way to prolong the freshness of your food. Although food storage containers come in all shapes and sizes, not all containers are suited for freezer use – some become very brittle and can crack if bumped at freezer temperatures.

You shouldn’t spend your time and money on preparing meals for the freezer, only to later toss all your food because it went rancid, got freezer burned, or oxidized because you used inadequate and low-quality containers.

I had my fair share of unpleasant experiences with freezing food in bad containers, and I want to help you find the most suitable freezing containers for your needs. That’s why I’ll go through some important things you need to know before you make a decision.

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Things to look for in the freezer containers

1. Material

As in all kitchenware, the material is one of the first things we look at. In this case, you usually have several options: ceramic, steel, plastic, or glass containers. However, we are focusing on the two that are the best: glass and plastic. Depending on what you’re looking for in your freezer containers, you will decide on the material.

You should look for glass containers if you don’t mind them being heavy, if you store foods that tend to smell or stain, and if you’re using containers for storage at home.

If you want containers that won’t shatter, if you’re looking to meal-prep and carry the containers around, or your family tends to lose containers, then you should go for plastic.

In the end, the choice between glass and plastic is up to you and should be based on your needs and your lifestyle.

2. Size

Size is important for the sake of practicality and personal preferences. If you live alone, it would be logical to look for small containers that are the size of a meal for one person.

Another thing you should think about is the size of your freezer. If you don’t have much space, you should go for many small containers, rather than a few large ones.

On the other hand, if you cook food for your family and have lots of space, you should go for bigger freezer containers. Some containers are big enough to hold a whole lunch for 3-4 people. You need to think about what’s more practical for you and what are your needs, and then choose the appropriate size.

3. Durability

Durability is always important. One of the main things you should consider is breakage. To make it clear, both glass and plastic containers can break. For some time, I thought that plastic was invincible and unbreakable, but you live, and you learn.

The first difference between the two is the way they tend to break: plastic containers usually break when they are already frozen and then dropped (or even just slightly hit). Glass containers can break only if you drop them because, in the end, it is glass. Even though most glass food containers are made of tempered, more durable glass, it’s still prone to breakage if you abuse it.

The second difference between the two is especially significant if you have kids who always run around the house. When glass breaks, it shatters and makes a mess that can also easily hurt you or anyone around you. In this sense, plastic is safer because it doesn’t shatter.

4. Airtight and leak-proof

Whether you choose glass or plastic, a good container should be airtight and leakproof. If you decide to use a container, you want something that’s going to be worth the money and the time.

That’s why you should always go for containers that are airtight with a good seal, especially if you plan to keep the food for some time (not just several days).

Not only will a good seal help food last longer, but leakproof construction is also important for transporting liquids.

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5. Practicality

Practicality in the kitchen is always a must. I live alone, so it’s not that big of a deal for me, but for all of you who have families and too much kitchenware laying around, you know very well how much practicality matters.

The first thing I look at when buying freezer containers is whether they are safe to use in an oven, microwave, or dishwasher. This is the reason I eliminated stainless steel right away.

Plastic is allowed in the dishwasher, but the oven is a restricted area. Some manufacturers claim that it’s safe to use plastic containers in the microwave, but experts advise against it because heating plastic can release toxins from it.

Another thing you should think about is the shape of your containers. Choose square or rectangular containers over round ones to maximize the fridge space.

Your containers should be see-through and clear, so you know exactly what’s inside without having to open them. This is why I avoided ceramic containers (apart from the fact they break easily).

Most Recommended Freezer Containers – Detailed Reviews 2022

Now that we got all the important things covered, let’s go through this list and find the perfect choice for you!

Plastic Containers with Lids Set 45 Pack – Freezer Containers Deli Containers with Lids

As it’s plastic, this set isn’t suitable for microwave or oven usage (at least I highly recommend against not to). Of course, plastic has its pros as well – these containers are light, and you can carry them around all the time.

They come in different sizes (8,16,24,32oz), so they are quite practical and can be used in different ways: you can even fit a whole meal for one person in the largest one. As these are mostly used for meal-prepping, the practicality factor is good for that particular reason. However, for other things and more than one person, this wouldn’t be such a great choice.

The durability of plastic containers is satisfying, and you shouldn’t have problems with this set. What I dislike here is that their shape is hugely impractical, like regular plastic cups. This means you would have a lot of wasted space in your freezer, but again, these are meant for one person and meal-prepping, so in that case, you should be fine.

There isn’t any sealing or lock on the caps, and this makes me think that these containers aren’t leakproof and airtight. However, you should take this with reserve because the manufacturer did state that they indeed are leakproof and airtight.


  • Lightweight
  • Come in different sizes
  • Good for a single-person meal-prepping
  • Dishwasher safe


  • exclamation-triangleUnpractical shape
  • No sealing on the caps
  • Not suitable for oven and microwave usage

Enther Bento Box Meal Prep Containers


Another plastic set of freezer containers, but this time a set of 20. Interestingly enough, these are also stated as “meal-prep containers,” although I must admit they look much better than the previous meal-prep set. I must compliment the manufacturer because this plastic looks and feels like it’s good quality and my experience with this set was good as far the quality is concerned.

All of the containers are the same size and can hold 28oz (for the sake of portion control). This might be good in some cases, but generally, I prefer to have different-sized containers for practical reasons. On the other hand, these containers are stackable and vertically don’t take up much space, as they are wide but not tall.

Another thing I should mention is that these freezer containers are microwave and dishwasher-safe (like all plastic ones), but not oven safe. Keep in mind what I told you about avoiding heating plastic. My honest advice would be to stay away from microwaves for health reasons, even though the manufacturer claims it’s okay.

The durability of this set is promising. I didn’t use these containers for an extended period because I switched to glass containers, but from what I experienced with these was quite satisfying. I think this set could last a while.

A flaw that I must mention is that these containers aren’t leakproof and airtight, which limits your options if you want to put any liquids inside.


  • Good quality plastic
  • Practical
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Durable


  • Aren’t leakproof and airtight
  • Not safe for oven and microwave use
  • One size only

Reditainer Extreme Freeze Deli Food Containers


Plastic containers are more popular than glass ones, hence the 3rd in a row plastic set of freezer containers. The Reditainer 36-pack containers are made of heavy gauge polypropylene plastic which makes them durable.

These containers are explicitly made for freezing and can withstand temperatures up to -40 degrees. These are all the same size and can hold 16oz, which is a regular pint size. What I don’t like about these containers is the shape.

Practicality-wise, these containers would waste a lot of space because of the conal shape, similar to the first set of freezer containers. However, as these are made especially for freezing, it limits your options furthermore as you aren’t able to take them away comfortably.

These containers are excellent for freezing liquids such as ice cream, sauces, soups, stews, and such, but for other foods, this set isn’t practical.

The durability of these freezer containers is excellent because of the high-quality plastic that’s used. The manufacturer states that these containers are microwaveable and dishwasher safe. No need for me to repeat myself – by now you already know how I feel about microwaving plastic. Of course, plastic containers can’t be used in ovens, either.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer didn’t mention anything about these being leakproof and airtight, but what I can say with certainty is that the lids are tight sealing so you should worry much, especially as these containers are for freezing purposes only.


  • Good quality plastic
  • Durable
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Aren’t leakproof and airtight
  • Unpractical shape
  • One size only

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Prep Naturals Glass Storage Containers with Lids (13-Pack)


This set of 13 glass containers by Prep Naturals includes all the freezer containers you will ever need at home.

The large set is sold at a reasonable price for the quality and the variety of containers and lids included.

You will receive 5 rectangular, 4 square, and 4 round containers, all with matching lids, and all in different size options.

This means that you will have a freezer safe, microwave safe, and oven safe container for any type of food and a meal of any size.

The glass containers are made of thick and durable borosilicate glass, which is easy to wash and keep sanitary.

The glass can be frozen, heated or microwaved safely, and can withstand a temperature of up to 840 degrees Fahrenheit.

Their airtight lids are also resilient and easy to wash and will ensure that your leftovers or other food items remain fresh and are safely stored in the fridge or freezer without any odors getting in or outside of them.

All of the parts are BPA-free and will not absorb or transfer odors and tastes from one food to another.

The sizes of the rectangular containers start from 6.3 ounces and reach up to 52 ounces. The round containers are from 7.3 ounces to 33 ounces, and the square ones are from 5.7 to 27 ounces in volume.

When not in use, the containers are stackable so that you can store them away in three neat piles easily too.


  • The set includes 13 containers with capacities from 5.7 up to 52 ounces so that you will have a freezer container for just about any meal or food
  • The set includes a wide variety of rectangular, square, and round containers
  • The containers are made of safe, durable borosilicate glass
  • They can safely be frozen, as well as used in a microwave or in a regular oven to up to 840 degrees
  • They are dishwasher safe
  • The airtight lids will prevent leaks and smells
  • No toxic materials are used
  • When not in use, you can stack the containers according to their shape for space-saving
  • This is an affordable set given the number of different containers included and their quality


  • Unlike with plastic containers, the glass ones can break more easily and end up with sharp chipped edges
  • The lids are not oven-safe or microwaveable
  • Some people find most of the containers too small to fit large meal portions

Misc Home Glass Containers


I’m trying to be unbiased, but I must admit that I like glass containers the most. Of course, as I already said, both options have good and bad sides. For me, the glassworks better. This glass freezer container set of 5 is great for your family home purposes.

All five containers are the same size (36oz), which is perfect for entire meals and lunch leftovers for a few people. However, if you are looking to buy containers for yourself only, these might not be for you.

The company claims that the lids are lifetime lasting, which doesn’t surprise me at all. These lids are snap locking and have a silicone seal to ensure the longevity of your food, as well as being leakproof and airtight.

What I adore about this set is its practicality. I mentioned how important shape is, primarily when you have limited space as you do in a freezer.

These containers are rectangular and wide (not tall), which makes them great for stacking in your freezer, and they guarantee almost no wasted space. The biggest advantage of glass is that it is oven and microwave-safe, which makes life so much easier.

As these freezer containers are made of borosilicate glass (which is more durable than tempered glass), you shouldn’t worry about the lifespan of this set unless you somehow manage to break it (which you shouldn’t be able to unless you’re Catherine, lol!)


  • High-quality glass
  • Practical shape
  • Durable
  • Leakproof and airtight


  • One size only

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And the best freezer container Is:

I think we have a winner! I considered many things, from personal and other people’s experiences to raw facts about the quality of these products.

All of these containers are good and have some advantages, but I tried to look at the whole picture for you guys and really make this as helpful as possible.

The Prep Naturals 13-piece set of glass containers is the best of all of the freezer containers on this list. This is due to a large number of different sized and different shaped containers included in the set, its price, and the versatility of the glass bowls.

You can use them for storing leftovers and food in the fridge, in the freezer, as well as for warming and cooking food in a microwave or oven.

The containers are made of the strongest and most durable glass, and with the proper care and maintenance will last for decades.

They are easy to store, as they stack one inside the other, and come with durable, non-toxic, airtight lids.

I know I’m new to you, but I’m always there to help, so if you have any questions, contact me (or Barbara and Catherine) and we will be quick to respond.

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