Best Farmhouse Sinks Reviewed in 2022

A farmhouse sink is not like a regular sink. It typically has a deeper bowl and has an apron-fronted design. In other words, the front of the sink is visible to an onlooker, and it is not installed inside the countertop.

A farmhouse sink certainly has a distinct look and can make your kitchen look a lot more sophisticated and neat. You can invest in a variety of different styles and materials for a farmhouse sink, based on the general decor of your kitchen.

The following is a product guide that attempts to introduce you to a variety of different farmhouse sinks that you may want to consider for your kitchen.

The product reviews are followed by a brief buying guide, which highlights the factors you may want to consider before buying a farmhouse sink for your home.


Best Farmhouse Sinks

Before getting started, here is a quick glance at the products that will be reviewed in this article:

Best Stainless Steel Sink

Kraus KHF200-36 Standart Pro Kitchen Stainless Steel Sink, 36 Inch

The Kraus KHF200-36 is a standard pro-kitchen stainless steel sink that offers a great deal for a reasonable sum of money. The kitchen set is durable and dent-resistant, with an efficient design that does not take up too much space. In fact, it ends up creating more usable space underneath the sink and in the base cabinet. The following are some of the features that this incredible stainless steel farmhouse sink has to offer:


  • The kitchen set comes with the sink, a bottom grip, a basket Steiner, a Kraus kitchen towel, and a cutout template.
  • It is made with high-quality TRU16 real 16-gauge stainless steel, making it extremely durable.
  • It has a round apron-front design that can be installed beneath the counter with ease.
  • It has a standard 3.5-inch rear-set drain opening, which creates more space for use in the sink and base cabinet.


  • The stainless steel material makes the sink extremely durable and dent-free.
  • The round apron-front design can be installed with ease and offers a seamless transition between the sink and the countertop.
  • The sink comes with a whole set of accessories and makes it easier for you to equip your kitchen.
  • The rear-set drain opening manages to create more usable space.


  • There are quite a few water spots and stains on the sink, despite what the manufacturers claim.
  • The slope in the sink is not properly constructed, and food particles do not go towards the drain as they should.

Best Apron-Front Sink

Ruvati 33-Inch Apron-Front Workstation Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

The Ruvati Apron-Front Workstation Farmhouse Kitchen Sink is one of the top apron-front designs in the market. It has a single-tier track and includes a solid wood cutting board, stainless steel colander, and a dish-drying roll-up rack that can be moved onto the ledge, making your sink your kitchen workspace. The apron-front sink can double up as a whole setup that can be used in the kitchen while you are cooking and require some extra space. The following are some of the features the sink has to offer:


  • This is a workstation sink with a single-tier track.
  • It has overhanging lips in the front and the back, which double up as tracks for sliding the built-in accessories.
  • It is built with 16-gauge premium T-304-grade stainless steel that does not rust or stain.
  • It has a heavy-duty sound guard undercoating and a thick rubber padding that is able to reduce noise.


  • It comes along with a cutting board, colander, a roll-up rack, a bottom rinse grid, a basket strainer drain assembly, and a cutout template.
  • The corners of the sink are slightly curved, making cleaning easier.
  • It has a sloped bottom with grooves that facilitates complete drainage of water.
  • The brushed finish of the sink hides any scratches and matches any kitchen appliance with ease.


  • Some customers did complain of rust forming on the surface of the sink.
  • The sink scratches and stains quite easily.

Best Budget Option

Comllen 33-Inch 304 Stainless Steel Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

The Comllen stainless steel farmhouse kitchen sink is a single bowl apron kitchen sink made with commercial-grade stainless steel. It is sound insulated with thick rubber padding. The sink is meant to be scratch-resistant and has a standard 3.5-inch drain opening that is able to accommodate a common garbage disposal system. The following are some of the features the farmhouse kitchen sink has to offer:


  • The sink has a premium 304 series stainless steel construction that is scratch-resistant and has a premium satin finish.
  • It has a standard 3.5-inch drain opening that can fit a common garbage disposal system.
  • It uses 1.5-mm thick stainless steel for added durability.
  • It has thick rubber dampening pads and a stone guard undercoating.


  • This is a very reasonably priced farmhouse sink and does not tear a hole in one’s pocket.
  • The premium satin finish of the sink elevates the look of your kitchen.
  • The sink is sound insulated and does not make an unpleasant sound when waterfalls on the stainless steel surface.
  • The stone guard undercoating gives the sink greater durability.


  • The sink is quite thin and light for some.
  • The push valve becomes jammed easily.

Best Fireclay Sink

Fine Fixtures Sutton Fireclay Sink, 30″ Apron Front Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

The Fine Fixtures Sutton Fireclay Sink is one of the favorites in its category. It has been handcrafted with the use of original slip casting techniques. It also has an extremely elegant design that is sure to make your kitchen look visually stunning. The following are some of the features that the farmhouse sink has to offer:


  • The Fireclay collection has been made using the original slip casting techniques.
  • The sink has been fired at 1600-degree Celsius for enhanced durability.
  • It has an offset drain placement for the most convenient position to work around it in the sink.
  • This is a large butler farmhouse kitchen sink.


  • The sink will immediately elevate the look of your kitchen.
  • The fireclay has been handcrafted to perfection.
  • The offset drain placement creates more space for you to work around.
  • This fireclay sink costs less than what most of its competitors charge.


  • You may be required to get an extended flange for the sink as a standard one is not deep enough.
  • Fireclay sinks have a greater tendency to break than stainless steel ones.

Best Double Bowl Option

Zuhne Turin 33-Inch Farmhouse Apron Front 60/40 Deep Double Bowl 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

The Zuhne Turin Farmhouse Apron-Front sink is the only double bowl option mentioned in this product review as it is truly one of the finest in the market. The sink is meant to be rust and corrosion-proof and has an industrial-strength construction. It also employs some of the good insulation technology and is one of the quietest sinks in the market. The slope base channels ensure you are able to drain and dry the sink quickly. The following are some of the features of the double bowl sink:


  • The sink is built with surgical-grade lead-free genuine 16G T304 18/10 Posco stainless steel.
  • It has sloped base channels which allow you to drain the water and dry the sink quickly.
  • The rear set 3.5-inch drain makes space for an extra sink, cabinet space, and countertop.
  • The sink has coved corners that look elegant and are easy to clean.


  • You can drain boiling water as well as defrost things in the sink without being concerned with condensate damage to your cabinets.
  • This is an extremely quiet sink and has some of the best-in-breed insulation technology.
  • It includes several accessories — like a bottom grid, a sponge holder, cut-out template, etc. — which help convert your sink into a workstation.


  • The water stains can often be hard to remove.
  • Several customers complained that the sink scratches easily.

Things to Consider Before Buying


There are a few things you may want to consider before buying a farmhouse sink. The following are some of the most important factors:


The material of the sink is extremely important to consider. The most common material is stainless steel but there are also fireclay, cast iron, and copper sinks. Each of these materials has something unique to offer. While stainless steel is easy to clean and maintain, cast iron sinks are also just as durable — though they come with a ceramic coating. Copper is also one of the best-looking materials to use for a farmhouse sink, but there is a fear of denting the material easily.

All four materials have their own pros and cons.

Cabinet Size

The cabinet size is determined by the dimensions of the sink. The greater the size of the cabinet underneath the sink, the more storage space you get. A farmhouse sink also relies on the cabinet below for support and is not attached to the countertop like a traditional sink would be. Ideally, the base cabinet should be three inches wider than the sink on both sides. This leaves more than enough room for a proper installation where different equipment does not crowd each other.

Number of Bowls

A traditional farmhouse sink typically has one large basin but there are plenty of new models that have a double bowl design. The number of bowls you will end up needing is determined by the size of your kitchen and what your requirements are. If you have a small kitchen, a double bowl sink may take up too much space.

Drain Size

Farmhouse sinks typically have a standard drain size of 3.5 inches. This drain size is meant to hook up the sink to standard plumbing as well as garbage disposal systems. Some farmhouse sinks, as may be seen in the product review above, have off-center drains which allow you to place dirty utensils in the sink without blocking the drain. An off-center drain also creates more space underneath the sink as the plumbing is also moved to a side.

Final Thoughts

A farmhouse sink adds panache and style to your kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most important aspects of your home. What you eat and subsist on comes from this part of your home. So if the kitchen is designed efficiently, keeping in mind all the extra space you could use while cooking and the importance of hygiene, a farmhouse sink is definitely something that should be considered.

These sinks are versatile, they can be converted into workstations and they are also deep enough to carry out a variety of different tasks. You can wash your utensils in this sink, convert it into a workstation for chopping vegetables and also use it to give your newborn baby a bath! The sink can double up to perform several tasks in your home and if you install the right kind of farmhouse sink, it will serve you for a very long time!

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