Best Electric Knife Reviews 2022: Top 5+ Recommended

Best Electric Knife

The use of electric knives was a long-time consideration for me before it actually became a reality. I was one of those knife purists, rejecting anything but the classic, traditional ways of cutting foods.

Luckily for me, one of my dear friends is much more open-minded, and she convinced me to try out an electric knife at her house – needless to say, I was instantly bought.

Many middle-aged folks remember the terrible performances of the first electric knives ever made and had kept that image in their heads for years.

This was my problem too, but I realized that times have changed, and the new models are a completely different story.

Naturally, when I get intrigued by a product, I feel the need to test as many models as possible, and that’s just what I did.

So, now I bring you my top 5 electric knives available for purchase today and how they fared in my comparison.

Why use an electric knife?


So the first question might be, “Why would anyone buy this strange, buzzing piece of cutlery?”. Well, to tell the truth, there are a few quite valid reasons.

No matter if you are a chef or a housewife who spends a lot of time in the kitchen (like yours truly), you will certainly benefit from having a “helping hand” when cutting food. Some cooks even claim that they use it simply because it enables them more consistent cuts.

You will be able to spare your wrists and save a lot of power that would otherwise be spent on trying to split that squash in half or slice that big piece of beef.

In the end, it is all about efficiency, and if you do not have to exert so much effort, time, and energy in the kitchen – you can spend it in more enjoyable ways.

Another group of people who could greatly benefit from using this product are those with arthritic hands, wrist pain, or certain medical conditions that take away much of their strength.

Electric knives are generally safe to operate even for those individuals, and all one needs to do is get a good grip on the handle, turn it on, and the knife will do the rest.

Lastly, hunters and fishermen who have to cut through a lot of tough, raw meat will certainly appreciate the help that this device can provide.

What to know before buying an electric knife?


In this section, as always, I will break down this item into its most important parts, their variations, and functions. By reading this, you will learn what things to be paying attention to before getting one of these products.

Corded or cordless

When it comes to the power source, there are two types of electric knives, corded or with a battery. Both types have their upsides and downsides, so it is up to you to decide what is more preferable – portability or power.

Corded models will sustain their cutting power at all times, but they compromise maneuvering. On the other hand, cordless knives are fully portable and easier to handle, but the trouble here is that they eventually run out of battery or run low on the battery, which hinders their ability to cut. Some models utilize the two features together so users can get the best of both worlds.

Battery life and length of the cord

Check the manufacturer’s information as well as online reviews to find out about the knife’s battery life. It is not fun at all to run out of power while in the middle of food preparation.

When it comes to corded models, always be aware of the cord length. Electric knives with short cables will be a hassle to handle, and those with very long ones might pose a safety hazard, especially if you have pets or kids running around while the knife is plugged in. All in all, I think that a 4-foot cord is ideal, but in the end, it all depends on your preferences and kitchen setup.


When it comes to power, look for a model that packs at least 100 watts. The reason for this is that it will simply make cutting easier, so there is no need to explain this point further.

Blade length

The length of the blade that you need depends on the size of the food that you want to cut, simple as that! For example, if you want to cut fish and do it frequently, then buy a smaller knife because it will be easier to handle. However, if you want to slice through turkey or pork legs, then look for at least 9 to 10 inches of blade length.

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Number and types of blades

A lot of the models today come with more than one blade, and they can differ in length as well as type. Some models have a blade for bread and another one for everything else, while others have the same kind of blade just in varying lengths. This allows for more versatility, which is always a good thing.

Blade material

Always go for stainless steel simply because it is the most durable and long-lasting material for this kind of purpose. Most electric knives’ blades are made from the latter, but some models use chrome or some synthetic materials, and my advice would be to avoid those.

Safety features

The majority of electric knives have a locking trigger or a double trigger to prevent curious kids from turning them on and injuring themselves. If you have children, these features are a must.


Many electric knives come with extras such as wood storage blocks, a carving fork, and so on. All of these can be very useful additions, so I think it would be good to look for a model that includes them too.

Most Recommended Electric Knives Currently On The Market – My Reviews 2022

Cuisinart CEK-40 – The Real Deal, Quality Knife


Cuisinart is a famous American company; their home knife product line is big versatile. They’ve been around since 1971, and they certainly know their craft very well, which is proven by the quality of CEK-40.

First of all, this is a corded model with a 4-foot long cord. In my opinion, this is an ideal length and provides a lot of freedom for handling without posing a safety hazard.

The motor packs 130 watts of power, which is more than enough for solid performance, and surpasses our recommended threshold of 100 watts. The handle seems good on the first impression, even though the plastic was reported as poor-quality by many users.

This product comes with two blades, one for bread and another one for carving, and they are both made from stainless steel, which is good. As far as the length is concerned, they are slightly longer than 8″, and while I would usually pick longer ones, I feel that this is a good size for this model.

CEK-40 includes a safety lock, and this makes it hard or impossible to handle for small (child’s) hands. It also comes with a wooden block storage tray, so there is no need to keep it in a drawer full of other appliances and cutlery.

What I Liked

  • Powerful (130 watts)
  • Good cord length
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Nice storage tray

What I Didn’t Like

  • The handle isn’t of the highest quality – many reported it broke after some use.

Black+Decker EK500B – Strong, Safe, But Heavy & Inconsistent

If you have ever bought any home appliance in your life, you’ve probably heard of Black + Decker. This company makes everything from vacuum cleaners to coffee machines, and judging by EK500B; their electric knives are solid too!

This is a corded model, and as far as I am concerned, the cord is quite short and hinders the knife’s maneuvering. An extension cord might be needed to use in some kitchen setups.

When it comes to power, its motor produces about 100 watts, which is not as good as the previous model but still performs very well.

There are two blades included in the package, a bread cutter and one for carving. Even though their overall length is 9 inches, the effective cutting length is 7 inches, which is enough for most purposes. Both blades are made from stainless steel, and I give a thumbs-up to that.

One problem that I noticed is the slight inconsistency in cutting. It seems as if the knife’s movements get irregular sometimes, and this was a bit of a disappointment.

EK500B has a safety lock that prevents it from being switched on while plugged into the electrical outlet. This is an important feature for homes with toddlers.

This model also includes a knife stand, which will keep it steady when you are not using it.

What I Liked

  • Stainless steel, 9″ blades
  • 100 watts of power
  • Safety-lock

What I Didn’t Like

  • Quite heavy
  • Inconsistent cutting
  • Short cord

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Hamilton Beach 74259 Carve ‘n Set – Noisy & Hot, But Very Good For The Price

This affordable and interesting electric knife comes to us from Hamilton Beach company, a famous manufacturer of home appliances. This particular product might be a good choice for people looking for quality at a low price.

The knife is cordless, meaning that it uses a battery to power its motor. The 100 watts provide for fine cutting power, and having no cord makes it portable and easy to handle. An issue that I encountered with this model is that the motor heats up after 10 minutes of usage. The performance is good nevertheless, but this gave me some cause for concern.

A cool feature of this model is the double serrated blade, meaning that two blades cut at the same time, which works pretty well, makes carving easy, and gives a good result. The blades are made from stainless steel. The knife’s overall length is 11 inches, but the blade itself is 7 3/4 inches, which is pretty decent.

As far as extras are concerned, a carving fork is included in the package, and it can be a very practical and useful addition. All the parts arrive in a nice little plastic box with foam padding, and you can store them there afterward, too.

What I Liked

  • Cordless and easy to maneuver
  • Double blade works well.
  • Good length of the blade
  • Pretty cheap

What I Didn’t Like

  • Very loud
  • Heats up fast

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Proctor Silex 74311 – Light & Strong, But Kind of Short

Proctor Silex 74311 is a lightweight electric knife that comes at a very good price and is built according to North American electrical standards.

This is a corded model which partially limits its portability, but this is not a big issue in my experience. The upside here is that the cord delivers electricity consistently, so there are no drops in the knife’s power and performance. It does tend to overheat when used for longer periods of time.

When it comes to the motor, it produces 100 watts.

The package includes a set of stainless steel carving blades which are 7.5 inches long overall.

This length is good for small to middle-sized pieces of meat and fish, but not so great for big roasts. Also, if you wish to use it for bread slicing, then you will have to buy a bread blade separately.

The knife is very light, so it is easy to handle, and you have to hold a trigger at all times when you wish to operate it. This might cause some fatigue when cutting big pieces because the button is located at the bottom of the handle.

What I Liked

  • Great price
  • Good power
  • Lightweight
  • Stainless steel blades

What I Didn’t Like

  • Short blades
  • Trigger placement could be better
  • Bread blade bought separately

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American Angler PRO 32352DS – Strong, But “Fishy” & Pricey

Here we have an electric knife that is a bit different from the models on our list today. American Angler PRO 32352DS is a high-end electric knife made specifically for fishermen (anglers), and there is hardly a better tool on the market for this purpose.

It is a corded model, with an 8-foot long cord. This might be a bit too long for my taste because of my safety concerns in the kitchen. The motor runs on 110 volts, which creates an amazing power outlet, and there are certainly no downsides to this characteristic.

Now, when it comes to the blades, this is where this product shines. There are five attachments, all of which differ in length (from 5.5 to 10 inches) and construction, and each is suitable for a different purpose. For example, there is an 8-inch curved fillet blade, a 10-inch heavy-duty shark blade, and so on. All of them are made from stainless steel.

The package also includes a mesh glove for safer handling and a carry bag that fishermen will find useful. All in all, this knife is excellent, but it is specialized for fish, so it isn’t suitable for cutting other types of foods.

What I Liked

  • High quality
  • High power
  • It has five different stainless steel blades.
  • The package includes a mesh glove and a carry bag.

What I Didn’t Like

  • The cord is too long.
  • Very high price

And the Winner is…

Picking the winner is never an easy decision for me, but it is necessary for your convenience.

The gold medal of today’s review list goes to Cuisinart CEK-40.

The cord length of this model is perfect, and it enables great maneuvering, and its power (130 watts) is unmatched by any electric knife we mentioned in this article.

It is a simple, two-blade product that does its job perfectly fine, and my attitude is that there is nothing more you could ask for.

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