Top 5 Best Earl Grey Tea Blends & Brands in 2022

Even though Earl Grey has become a tradition for afternoon tea, it can make for a perfect cup of steaming tea at any time of the day. It adds the unique flavors of bergamot to the otherwise dull black tea – which makes it a refreshing, full-bodied, and distinctive drink. While its citrus overtones are unique, Earl Grey tea has several health benefits as well.

You may receive that much-needed energy boost to keep your mind active and attentive throughout the day with a cup of Earl Grey tea. This tea is renowned for its ability to treat worm infections as well as digestive issues including nausea and colic.

Bergamot offers its inherent aromatherapy properties, which soothes drinkers’ emotions and minds.

Even if the aforementioned advantages may seem a bit modest, drinking tea can also have significant health advantages. The generation of free radicals within people’s bodies is one of the main causes of cancer.

Lucky for us, Earl Grey tea consists of antioxidants that help reduce these free radicals in our cells and convert them into oxygen.


If you wish to experience the natural remedy of citrus tea, you’ve arrived at the perfect article. We’re about to review 5 of the best Earl Grey tea products on the market so you can test this magical drink for yourself.

Best Earl Grey Tea Products in 2022

Bigelow Decaffeinated Earl Grey Tea Bags

Bigelow is a brand that has been producing tea for decades now, and Earl Grey tea happens to be among its specialties. They deserve an honorable mention for the top Earl Grey tea products because all of their tea leaves were handpicked in Calabria, Italy, to ensure rich taste and quality.

This classic tea brand comes packed with all the right ingredients that result in the best taste and health benefits possible. People who are overly conscious about their eating and drinking patterns prefer Bigelow over other brands. Their products boast a calorie-free formula, which can help drinkers lose a few extra pounds.

Another great detail about this brand is that it offers several flavors in each pack to cater to a varied sense of taste. What’s more, the pack is extremely feasible as it consists of 120 tea bags that can last you a considerable amount of time.

Vahdam Imperial Earl Grey Tea Leaves


Vahdam is among the most well-known tea brands in India, and it is considered one of the best Earl Grey tea products in 83 countries! Their tea is delicately handpicked in India while their bergamot oil is brought in from Italy. When mixed, Vahdam Earl Grey tea makes an award-winning and truly refreshing tea.

Vahdam’s tea bags are enclosed in double-sealed bags to ensure that they remain fresh for a longer period. Each pack consists of tea leaves that can brew over 200 cups of premium tea. Whether you choose to brew iced or hot, Earl Grey tea is completely your choice. Either way, you’re in for a 100% organic drink because their products are made without artificial preservatives and flavorings.

Tazo Earl Grey Enveloped Hot Tea Bags

Tazo takes second place on our list of Earl Grey tea products because their citrusy bergamot comes from Italy. Even their tea leaves are picked and processed by experienced professionals to deliver an unmatchable cup of delicious and healthy tea.

This Earl Grey tea consists of premium quality bergamot orange, which results in a very savory and raw flavor. Other than people who love this acquired taste, it is also preferred by health-conscious individuals. This drink is rich in antioxidants that are great for your digestive, nervous, and cardiac systems. With every tea bag, the drinker will experience an unmistakable boost of focus and energy.

Stash Tea Earl Grey Black Tea

Finally, our 5th choice for Earl Grey tea product is manufactured and blended in the USA, and its loyal users have found it to be among the healthiest options out there. The blend captures an invigorating taste that can stimulate the drinker’s tongue and nerves. So much so that it can substitute coffee by keeping them awake and alert for long periods while also delivering bigger health benefits.

This particular black tea has a very powerful smell, and it is proportionally blended with 100% authentic Italian bergamot oil. Stash’s caffeinated blend is loaded with healthy components like fluoride and antioxidants that can protect the drinker from digestive problems, tooth decay, dull mind, and even cancer.

Numi Organic Tea Aged Earl Grey


Next, we have Numi, which is another brand that deals with completely organic ingredients. It deserves a place on our list of Earl Grey teas because it packs a blend of 100% natural spices, fresh fruits, and flowers – all of which are uniquely beneficial for the drinker. Other than its health benefits, Numi has also invested quite a lot of time and money, making sure their tea has a phenomenal raw taste.

Numi’s Earl Grey tea is mixed with natural and organic bergamot oil, which is sourced from Italy. The tangy taste is quite distinct from every other brand in the market and still versatile enough that it can be enjoyed with both milk and honey. The tea will be so strong on its own that even adding milk to it will not depreciate its rawness. Moreover, this brand is both non-GMO and USDA-certified, plus its packaging is completely biodegradable.

Key Considerations for Earl Grey Tea in 2022


If you’re having trouble picking the best Earl Grey tea for your home or office, these key features and considerations can help you make a smarter purchase decision. However, keep in mind that finding the perfect product might require both practical testing and some trial and error.


Whenever you’re brewing up a cup of Earl Grey tea, you need to make sure that it has a deep red or amber color. Once you have achieved this color, your next step should be to make sure whether the flavor or taste is strong enough for you. If you find a product tasting too weak or stale, consider switching to another brand.

Tea Bags and Leaves

Mass-produced tea bags are never a healthy choice because they use tea dust in their blends – which happens to be the lowest quality of tea. This grade of tea lacks everything that distinguishes Earl Grey tea products from other teas. This is why you need premium, gourmet, and organic blends in your tea bags and leaves.

These types of products ensure your tea has a strong and fresh fragrance. Also, your tea leaves should always have a slight shine and should seem intact.


Most products that are blended with Indian teas tend to have a malt-flavored overtone. Chinese teas, on the other hand, will have a smoky, fruity, and floral overtone. Once you have determined which blend stimulates your taste buds the most, go ahead and stock up on that product.

Final Thoughts

Earl Grey Tea is a staple tea in many households because of its distinctive aroma and flavors. We hope our compilation of the best Earl Grey tea products helps you find the right mix of health benefits and taste and secures a permanent place on your kitchen shelves or drawers.

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