Best Dehydrators for Jerky in 2022

Jerky has long been a preferred and delicious snack, as well as an ingredient for various meals.

Being able to make your own jerky safely and properly at home will save you tons of money from having to buy commercially offered one.

Best Dehydrator for Jerky

Having a good quality dehydrator for jerky is a must if you are an avid hunter, fisher, farmer, or simply a fan of dried meat.

With a top-rated dehydrator like the Excalibur 9 Tray dehydrator, you can preserve not only meat, fish, and poultry but also preserve the taste and nutritious qualities of vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, and other foods.


You can use it for making delicious snacks for the kids, for the pets, and hiking, camping, or for every day.

We have selected the top 10 dehydrators for jerky for 2022 for you.

All of them can reach the temperature and have the features to be able to make jerky safely at home.

Best overall

Excalibur 3926TB 9-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator

The Excalibur 3926TB is the best dehydrator for jerky for 2022, especially if you want to prepare large batches of delicious snacks at once.

The appliance has 9 trays, which combined provide a total area of 15 square feet of food drying space.

It has an easy-to-adjust thermostat from 105 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can choose the perfect temperature for the selected foods you are planning on drying.

As you may know, the recommended temperature for dehydrating fruits and veggies is lower than that for drying meat because it allows you to preserve the taste and the enzymes.

As for jerky, for safety reasons and taste, you will need to set the thermostat up to the highest temperature setting.

The superb dehydrator for jerky also has a useful timer which you can set for up to 26 hours for safe and unattended drying.

The appliance has a power output of 600 watts and a 7-inch fan, which will ensure that the heat is evenly distributed on each of the trays. It utilizes a patented Parallex Horizontal Airflow technology, which makes the dehydrating process faster and the food tasting better with minimal effort and no need for stopping to move the slices around.

Thanks to the Hyperwave Fluctuation Technology of this dehydrator, the temperature will be kept as low as possible to preserve the active enzymes but high enough to preserve the foods from mold and spoilage from yeast or bacteria growth.

The dehydrator comes with a flexible poly-screen tray insert, which will prevent the food slices from sticking and will eliminate the need of having to open it up and rotate them manually.

Plus, the window door will allow you to keep an eye on your food prep without having to open it and let the heat out.

This large capacity dehydrator for jerky is an excellent option for people who have gardens or farms or have large families and want to process large volumes of products simultaneously.

Apart from making perfect jerky, the Excalibur dehydrator is also suitable for drying all kinds of vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, making fruit puree for roll-ups, homemade yogurt, and raising bread. You can also make healthy treats for your pets and, of course, delicious and healthy snacks for your children and the entire family.

Each of the trays can be removed so you can make more space for bulkier foods and products, as well.

The unit operates quietly, so it won’t disturb you while it is doing its job.

Its size is 12.5 (H) x 17 (W) x 19 (D) inches. it weighs 22 lbs.

With a jerky dehydrator like the Excalibur 3926TB, which has a 17 square foot drying space, you will be able to make huge batches of delicious jerky, as well as preserve all kinds of other products easily and quickly.

It is great if you have a large family or have a lot of food products you want to process as efficiently and as smoothly as possible.

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The runner-up

NESCO FD-75A, Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator, Gray

The Nesco FD-75A is a much more affordable alternative to our overall number one choice, the Excalibur dehydrator.

It is a stackable jerky dehydrator that is sold with 5 trays but can be expanded to up to 12 if you decide to buy additional ones for more drying space.

The trays have a 13.5-inch diameter, and the appliance itself has a small footprint, so it will not take up too much countertop or storage space.

The drying temperatures of the Nesco Snackmaster Pro can be adjusted from 95 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit so that you can choose the highest setting for jerky and other meaty treats and a lower temperature for drying your fruits, veggies, and herbs to preserve their taste and healthy enzymes.

The rotating dial has useful markings for the best temperature to choose for every food product you want to process.

The unit has a 600-watt power output and a powerful 2100 RMP fan mounted on top to distribute the heated air evenly throughout the appliance.

It uses a patented Converge-Flow system for drying, which takes the air downward through a pressurized chamber and then distributes it evenly horizontally through each of the stacked trays.

Thanks to this unique technology, you won’t need to stop the drying process to toss the food around or rearrange the trays for better results.

It has an Opaque Vita Save exterior that will keep off any harmful light that can destroy the healthy nutrients of the food which is being processed.

The appliance is very well built and can be used for drying and preserving all types of products, including making inexpensive and delicious treats for your children and pets.

With this affordable dehydrator for jerky, you will also receive two fruit roll sheets, two Clean-A-Screen flexible ones for drying smaller items, as well as three jerky cure spice packs, and a detailed recipe book with over 52 ideas and recipes for different foods and snacks.

The size of the appliance is 13.75 x 22.13 x 17.87 inches, and it weighs 7.75 lbs.

It is one of the greatest dehydrators for jerky you can buy for this price and with this type of quality and performance. If it is too small for you, you can also expand it by purchasing additional trays, which are very affordable as well.

The best budget-friendly choice

Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric Food Dehydrator

If you don’t have the space or the need for a large-sized dehydrator for jerky, we recommend that you check out the Presto 06300 Dehydro.

It costs less than $40 and is easy to use, easy to wash, and easy to store.

The inexpensive jerky dehydrator has a stackable design and consists of four trays for placing food items. You can expand the drying surface by purchasing and adding up to four more trays.

It has a convenient see-through lid, so you can monitor the drying process without having to open it.

The budget-friendly appliance has a 600-watt heating power output and a fan mounted on the bottom, which ensures that the hot air is expanded upwards and reaches every single piece of meat, fruit, vegetable, or other on the trays.

The trays and the lid can be washed in a dishwasher and are also completely submersible, so you can soak them as well.

The affordable unit can be improved by purchasing additional accessories like extra fruit roll sheets, nonstick mesh screens, jerky spice packs, and a jerky gun offered by the manufacturer.

Thanks to its small size, and its collapsible design, you can store all trays and the power cable in a small and easy-to-store unit when the dehydrator is not in use.

Its size is 14.5 x 15 x 6.25 inches, and it weighs only 7.5 lbs.

It doesn’t have an adjustable temperature and comes with a preset heating and drying temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it easy to set up when drying meat and preparing delicious jerky and other meaty snacks.

The rest of the best dehydrators for jerky for 2022

Hamilton Beach 32100A Digital Food Dehydrator, 5 Tray

This dehydrator by Hamilton Beach is very reasonably priced and will make drying meat and making jerky a breeze thanks to its 48-hour timer and easy-to-adjust temperature settings.

Key features:

  • The temperature can be adjusted from 100 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can prepare all kinds of food and safely make jerky too.
  • It has a 48-hour timer, so you can turn it on and let it do its job without having to check it out and fuss around it.
  • It will automatically shut off when the set time is reached
  • The unit has a drying power of 500 watts and a fan that provides even heating and drying on all levels
  • It includes 5 stackable trays
  • Also included in the price is a solid sheet for fruit rolls and a fine mesh sheet for herbs and smaller items.
  • There is no need to rotate the food or the trays during the drying process
  • It is a great way to preserve vegetables, fruits, and herbs properly and maintain their delicious taste and nutritional qualities without additives
  • You can use it to prepare affordable and healthy treats for your pets as well
  • You can also prepare fruit rolls to enjoy with your family
  • The dimensions of the unit are 10.5 x 13 x 11 inches, and it weighs 8 lbs.

NESCO FD-37A, Food Dehydrator, White Speckled/Marbled, 400 watts

If you are not ready to break the bank for a dehydrator, which will allow you to make jerky and dried food at home, this simple and inexpensive dehydrator by Nesco could be the perfect option for you.

Key features:

  • The unit has 400 watts of heating power and fan-forced radial flow for even drying in a clever powerhead on top of the unit.
  • It has a stackable design and comes with four drying trays
  • Each tray provides 0.75 square ft. of drying space
  • You can expand it to up to 7 trays
  • The lid is clear, so you can see what is going on inside without removing it.
  • Every part of the appliance apart from the powerhead is dishwasher safe, so cleaning up will be easier than ever.
  • No tray rotation is needed for the best results
  • The trays are BPA-free
  • The size of the unit is 13.5 x 13.5 x 9 inches, and it weighs just 4.7 lbs. for easy storage and portability.

Magic Mill MFD-1011 Food Dehydrator Machine, 10 Trays Stainless Steel

This is a premium quality horizontal flow jerky dehydrator that not only looks good but performs very well too. It is versatile, adjustable, and will become one of the most indispensable appliances in your kitchen.

Key features:

  • It has 10 removable trays – regular and meshes ones made of stainless steel
  • Each one is 13 x 12 inches in size
  • There is a hanging rack for making jerky
  • Also included are two fruit leather trays, a fine mesh sheet, and a set of oven mitts.
  • The temperature can be adjusted accurately from 95 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit via the user-friendly touch control panel.
  • There is a pre-set raw drying function that sets the appliance to 115 degrees Fahrenheit for 24 hours.
  • The pre-set fast function suitable for jerky will automatically set the unit to 165 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 hours.
  • It has a Keep warm feature which will keep the processed food warm for up to 24 hours after it is dried and ready.
  • There is an auto shut-off function that will turn the appliance off once the set time is over.
  • You can adjust the temperature and the timer via the digital display and control panel.
  • The display has a countdown timer, so you will know exactly how much time is left at any given moment.
  • The unit has 600-watt heating power.
  • It has a rear-mounted fan that will disperse the hot air evenly among all trays.
  • The transparent door will let you see how the food on each tray is doing without having to open it up.
  • The trays are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup
  • The unit is BPA-free
  • It has an overheat auto-off safety feature
  • Its size is 17 x 14 x 16 inches
  • It has a sleek and modern design that will look great in any kitchen or other room.
  • Sold with a 1-year warranty

Food Dehydrator Machine Electric Food Dryer with Digital Temperature Control

This stackable jerky dehydrator comes with all the bells and whistles like precise temperature adjustment and a timer and costs less than $40, so it’s one of the best deals you can find on the market right now.

Key features:

  • It comes in either circular or square form, so you can choose the option that suits the free space you have for an appliance like this.
  • It has a stackable design and comes with five trays
  • The digital control panel on the front is easy to use and will allow you to adjust the temperature from 95 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit
  • There is a timer for up to 72 hours
  • There are 8 pre-set temperature settings for the different types of foods and uses
  • It has a transparent design – the sides and the trays, so you can monitor the drying process on every single tray without opening the unit.
  • It is made of BPA-free plastic
  • The appliance has a power output of 250 watts
  • The square unit is 14 x 11.8 x 9.45 inches and weighs 6.9 lbs.
  • It is sold at a very affordable price.

Gourmia GFD1950 Premium Countertop Digital Food Dehydrator – 9 Shelves

This dehydrator for jerky is very easy to use, it is safe and can be used for making delicious, healthy, and inexpensive snacks for the entire family including the pets.

Key features:

  • It has 9 removable non-stick trays
  • There is an easy to use digital control panel and display
  • The temperature can be adjusted from 95 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit
  • It has eight preset temperature settings, which will help eliminate the guesswork
  • It has a rear-mounted fan that will distribute the hot air evenly among all trays via the 360-degree airflow system
  • The appliance has a power output of 600 watts
  • It offers a very quiet operation
  • There is a countdown timer you can view on the display
  • The unit will shut off automatically once the time is up – for unattended food prep
  • You can keep an eye on the drying process via the transparent door
  • The unit is sold with a useful free recipe booklet for even more ideas for delicious and healthy snacks and treats
  • It is also available in a smaller 6-tray version
  • The size of the appliance is 17.75 x 13.5 x 16 inches, and it weighs 13.94 lbs.

Nutrichef Professional Electric Multi-Tier Food Dehydrator Machine

This dehydrator for jerky has a relatively small footprint and yet will allow you to dry large batches of jerky and preserve all other kinds of food safely, easily, and cheaply.

Key features:

  • A multi-tier stackable design with 5 trays
  • A maximum drying temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit allows for making jerky and drying other meat and fish safely.
  • There is a single button to press, making it one of the easiest dehydrators to use
  • It is suitable for drying and preserving vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, meat, fish, poultry, and making delicious snacks and desserts.
  • It is sold in two different color options – white or black
  • The size of the appliance is 12 x 7.5 x 13 inches, and it weighs 6.9 lbs.
  • The trays and lid are heat resistant and dishwasher safe

STX International Commercial Grade STX-DEH-1200W-XLS Dehydrator

If you are serious about making jerky or other food preservation through drying, then we suggest you consider investing in this excellent commercial-grade dehydrator for jerky.

Key features:

  • It is a powerful commercial-grade dehydrator with a 1200 wattage and a 7-inch powerful fan on the rear.
  • It dries food via horizontal airflow.
  • The temperatures can be set from 95 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit
  • The dehydrator has 10 removable trays, which provide a total of 16 square feet of drying space.
  • It has a digital control panel.
  • The size of each tray is 16 x 14 inches, and each is made of food-safe stainless steel.
  • The pro range dehydrator has a 15-hour timer and an auto shut-off function.
  • The trays and interior are very easy to clean.
  • There is a removable drip tray.
  • It is 20 (L) x 17.5 (W) x 15 (H) inches in size and weighs 38.5 lbs.
  • It is offered with a 1-year guarantee.


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