Best Cookware For Glass Top Stove Reviews 2022: Top 5+ Recommended

You know how much I care for my appliances. After all, I have crossed a long way and invested a lot of time and effort in finding the best ones. My glass stovetop is my pride and joy – it oozes elegance and makes my kitchen appear modern and sleek.

For this reason, I want to preserve its surface for as long as I can. To do so, I have taken some serious measures!

Best Cookware For Glass Top Stoves

First, I have forbidden my boys to approach it under any circumstances what so ever. If they want a glass of warm milk, or anything else, they can use a microwave. They are simply too much accident-prone!

Next, I have decided to find the greatest cookware for glass top stoves that will not scratch its surface or damage it in any other way but also add to the quality of cooking.

As always, I will share my experience with you. 🙂

Why Buy Glass Top Stove?


As I have already implied, glass stovetops will make your kitchen look up-to-date and will be the most admired appliance in your kitchen. Their glossy surface (if you clean it regularly) will make your kitchen light up.

Moreover, it is easy to clean, especially in comparison to traditional coil heating elements, which were a nightmare in this regard. Glass top stoves are also easy to use, heat up quickly, and transfer the heat evenly.

The only downside is that they require special care and are rather hard to maintain.

Most of all, you have to be extra careful to protect and preserve the gleaming surface of the glass. In order to do so, you have to choose your cookware wisely, or you are sure to end up with scratches or even cracks that will ruin your glass top stove.

But you do not have to worry – just read this text to the very end, and you will be well informed about how to avoid this potential hazard.

Another thing you have to pay special attention to is regular cleaning, burnt and scorched food and oil can also damage the surface unrecoverably. There are specialized detergents that will prolong the life of your glass top surface and act preventively.

What to Consider When Buying Glass Top Stove Cookware


We have already made clear that the surface of glass top cookware is extra sensitive and needs special care. The most important thing we have already concluded, too, is to choose appropriate cookware. So what are the specific features you should pay attention to when you set out to find the best glass top cookware?

Continue reading, and you will find out!

Flat and Heavy Bottom

Make sure that the cookware you purchase is completely flat on the bottom as even the smallest ridge can cause damage during everyday use, which normally includes moving the pot back and forth. You can also be disciplined and remember to lift the pot every time you wish to reposition it. The heavy bottom will secure that your pot or pan stays in position and does not move around on its own, causing unwanted damage.

No Color

This is sad news for all of you who like a pop of color in your cookware, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Namely, some colors can leak onto the surface of your stovetop and create stains that are hard or even impossible to remove.


Boiling over is a frequent issue when it comes to cooking on the glass top stoves, so choose larger cookware rather than small pots and pans that will heat up too quickly.

Type of metal

If you opt for metal-based cookware, make sure it will not damage your glass top surface bearing in mind that many metals can and will cause scratches or stains. I will talk about it in detail in the next section, so do continue reading.

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The number of elements

Make sure that you do not have to buy any additional elements that might strain your budget too much.

Best Materials for Glass Top Stoves Cookware


Nowadays, there is an array of different materials you can choose from when buying cookware; however, not all the materials are suitable for glass top stoves.

I have tried to discover all the potential drawbacks of all the most popular and often bought and used materials, and here is what I have discovered:

Glass or Painted porcelain enamel

This kind of cookware looks great and is sure to add to the elegance of your glass top stove, but I do not recommend it. The glass top stoves develop very high temperatures that could melt the enamel and cause damage to the glass surface.

Earthenware and Stoneware

This kind of cookware is a definitive no-no as well as it can crack due to sudden temperature changes, which often occur with glass top stoves.


As we have already stated, not all metals are fine. However, with the exception of cast iron and copper, metal cookware with flat bottoms are the best possible choice for glass-top stoves. The flat bottom will also secure even heat distribution.

The metals you can choose are heavy-weight aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, and titanium. Just be sure to avoid painted cookware as paint can melt and cause staining.

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Although you can use cast iron cookware on your glass top stove, I recommend that you be extra careful as it can scratch the glass rather easily. Another potential hazard is that cast iron becomes extremely hot when heated and can crack or even break your glass top stove.


Avoid copper cookware as it can permanently stain your glass surface.

Proper Handling and Maintenance of your Glass Top Stove


The delicate surface of your glass top stove requires delicate care, so make sure to read and memorize the following advice as it took me quite a bit of effort to collect this wisdom:

  • Never start cleaning until your glass top stove is completely cooled off, or the cleaning product you use can do more harm than good. Of course, there is also a risk that you will burn yourself.
  • Use specialized products created especially for the purpose of cleaning the glass stovetop surface. If you for any reason cannot obtain such cleaning agents, you can use a mixture of baking powder, lemon juice, and vinegar and remove the stubborn spots safely.
  • Do not use anything sharp to remove scorched food and oil residue, and stains. Of course, the specially designed scrapers that are meant to clean the glass top stove are exceptions to this rule.
  • Do not use rough abrasive sponges on either the glass top stove or cookware you use to cook on it. Damaged cookware is more likely to cause scratches on the glass surface.
  • Avoid dragging the pots and pans from one to another burner. Be extra careful not to drop anything on your glass top stove! Even the smallest, almost invisible crack can be a great potential hazard as it increases the chances of glass shuttering!!!
  • Clean the unit after EVERY use!

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Although these are all important rules to follow, the most important thing is to use appropriate cookware, so we will go back to that and discuss the glass top stove cookware available on the market at this moment.

The Best Cookware for Glass Top Stoves: Detailed Reviews and My Honest Opinions 2022

T-fal E765SH Ultimate Hard Anodized Scratch Resistant Titanium Cookware Set

T-fal E765SH is a 17-piece set that is compatible with all types of cooktops, with the exception of induction. The set consists of two frying pans without lids (8-inch and 10.25-inch), one fry pan with a lid (11.5″), a square griddle (10.25″), three saucepans (1qt, 2qt, and 3-qt) with corresponding tempered-glass lids, deep saute (3.5qt), Dutch oven with a lid (5qt), steamer insert, and a one egg wonder pan.

The exterior is made from hard anodized aluminum, and the inside is covered with hard titanium non-stick layer. In fact, both the inside and the outside surface are non-stick and thus very easy to clean – even when I burn my spaghetti sauce, which I often do nowadays!

The greatest thing is that there are no toxic materials! Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator is great for all the young housewives who have little experience at cooking as it will inform them of when the pans are ready for them to start to cook.

Remember to keep the temperature low to medium and use only wooden, nylon, or silicone utensils.

Riveted silicone handles are never too hot to handle (except when you use them in the oven), but as they are a bit bulky, they can pose a problem when you need to store the elements away. On the bright side, the handles do have holes and can be hanged as an alternative.

The fact that pots are rather light can be an advantage, but when you use them with a glass top stove, it is not so as they can slide on its surface and thus present a potential hazard. The size of the pots can also be an issue if you have a large and hungry family you need to feed.


  • Healthy cooking – no PFOA, Lead, Or Cadmium. No oil is needed.
  • Easy to clean both in and out
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • No heat transference to handles


  • Not induction-friendly
  • Some pans do not have corresponding lids
  • Pots are rather light

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Duxtop SSIB-17 Professional Stainless Steel Induction Cookware Set


Duxtop SSIB-17 is another 17 piece set created with special Impact-bonded Technology and made of 18/10 commercial grade stainless steel. A lifetime guarantee makes you feel assured that this set is built to last.

The set includes two fry pans (8-inch and 10-inch), two saucepans with corresponding tempered-glass lids (1.6-qt, 2.5-qt), casserole with a lid (4.2-qt); stockpot with a lid (8.6-qt); sauté pan with a lid and helper (5.5-qt); and steamer and boiler baskets. You will also receive a set of kitchen tools that had the three most frequently used utensils: turner, spoon, and 2-prong fork.

The set is compatible with all types of stoves, including induction ones. All the elements are oven safe ( up to 550 degrees F), but also dishwasher and freezer safe – which I especially appreciate as I can freeze my leftovers without having to mess up more dishes.

I have used the pots to cook my favorite soup, which takes more than an hour to cook, and the handles stayed rather cool during the whole time. The surface of the pans is polished to perfection, but there is still a bit of the problem with sticking especially when you cook chicken or eggs.

My advice is to warm the pans and add a bit of oil or cooking spray. I especially liked the pots, which have listed measures on the inside walls and make the cooking process quicker and more enjoyable. The lip on the pots, which makes pouring much easier, is also a great addition.


  • Handles remain safe to touch
  • Cooks food evenly
  • Steamer basket included
  • The useful utensils set also included


  • Lids do not fit fry pans
  • Steaming basket fits only the largest pot
  • The elements stain easily

Magma Products Gourmet Nesting Stainless Steel Cookware Set




Anyone who knows me or follows my blog must have realized by now that I am in love with everything that has to do with the kitchen – including cookware.

I own so many high-quality cookware sets, and even though my kitchen cannot be deemed small, it is becoming increasingly hard to find enough space for storage. And this is why I adore this set!

Nesting is such a great idea, and if all my cookware could be stored in a similar way, I would be more than delighted ( and maybe even have some free space for new additions).

The set is, regretfully, a bit small when it comes to the number of elements it includes, but the price is nevertheless higher than what you need to pay for some other sets with more elements.

The set consists of three saucepans with corresponding lids (1.5 qt, 2 qt, 3 qt), a stockpot (5 qt), a frying pan (9.5”), and two interchangeable lids.

The quality is certainly there, and the set is definitely going to last long, thanks to the heavy-duty triple-clad bottoms. The stainless steel material is polished to perfection, so you do not need to worry and wonder whether it is going to scratch your glass top stove surface. These pots and pans will not move around on the glass surface either.

Minor complaints I have are plastic handles that can melt and permanently damage not only the elements of this set but also the glass surface of your stove and the fact that you will have to use oil or some food will stick. Some discoloration might also occur in time.


  • Stores in only half a cubic foot
  • Interchangeable/universal lids
  • Flat and well-balanced bottoms


  • Lids get extremely hot
  • Handles are plastic and can melt at very high temperatures
  • The larger lid has no vent hole

Cuisinart Classic Induction Stainless Cookware Set


As far as the design is concerned, this set is so far my favorite one – it looks elegant and very professional. It is made from premium stainless steel and is oven safe to 500 degrees, while lids can stand up to 350 degrees F.

Moreover, it is a dishwasher (I do not recommend washing the small fry pan covered with a non-stick coating in the dishwasher, though) and freezer safe. The set is compatible with all types of stoves and induction ready.

The set has fewer elements than the two previously reviewed, but I feel that it has most of the essential parts you will need to use for everyday cooking.

In detail, the set consists of one saucepan (2qt.), a stockpot (8 qt.), and a Sauté Pan (4 qt.) with corresponding lids. Next, the set also includes one pour saucepan with a straining cover (3 qt.), pour dutch oven with a straining cover (5 qt.), non-stick skillet (8″), regular skillet (10″), and a steamer insert that fits the 2 Quart saucepan. In fact, you can use the lids to cover every element except the non-stick one.

The bottoms are completely flat, which makes this set ideal for glass top stoves. The heat distributes evenly, and the handles remain cool to touch. On the downside, the bottom develops brown stains quite quickly and easily, and although it will not affect the quality of your cooking, it ruins the sleek look and makes me doubt the durability of this set.


  • Reasonable Price
  • Completly flat bottoms
  • Even heat distribution


  • It tends to develop brown stains on the bottom

Heim Concept Induction Ready Stainless Steel Cookware Sets with Glass Lid

The Heim Concept twelve-piece cookware set is highly affordable, but the quality is also evident.

The set includes four casseroles (1.75 qt, 2.25 qt, 3.25 qt, and 5.75 qt), a frying pan (10.5”), and a 1.75-quart saucepan- quite enough for the average family like mine is. All the elements have corresponding lids.

The material is stainless steel, and although it is not of the highest quality and tends to stain somewhat, it is a great value for the money and performs rather well. The set can be used on all types of cooktops, including induction. The polished mirror-like surface makes it ideal for glass top stoves as well.

The pots retain heat for quite some time and thus allow you to prepare your food a bit ahead of time, which can sometimes be useful – for example, when you need to dress up for a romantic dinner with your hubby!

Two major complaints are as follows:

  • First, the elements are rather lightweight and can thus potentially move around a bit on the sleek glass surface, which is a potential safety hazard.
  • Secondly, handles can get real hot – I have learned this the hard way!


  • Definite Value for the Money
  • All elements feature corresponding lids
  • Good heat retention


  • Thin and light – not the highest quality stainless steel
  • Prone to staining and discoloration
  • Handles can get HOT!

And the Best Cookware for Glass Top Stoves is…

As already mentioned, for its design and performance, my favorite is the Cuisinart Classic Induction.

However, if you do not mind setting aside a bit more money, or you have limited space in your kitchen, Magma Products Gourmet is also a great choice.

In fact, you will not get wrong with any of the sets I have reviewed.

They have all earned their place in the top five list of cookware for glass top stoves due to their high quality and satisfying performance.

If I could and had enough space, I would keep them all – but do not mind me; I am a cookware geek! 😉


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  1. Gees, go to Amazon and read the reviews on your favorite set, the Cuisinart. Time after time, complaints about black metal divets appearing in cookware. And some of your review seems to be plagiarized from the Amazon description. Here is a verbatim comment from a verified purchaser, “It literally looks like Cuisinart took some of their cheapest cookware and pressed heavier bases on as an afterthought as there is a peculiar gap between the base and sides. Perhaps it was designed specifically for on-line, television, and other remote sales where it could not be closely examined before purchase.” unquote. back to looking….

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