The 8 Best Cookbook Stands for Keeping the Cookbook Clean

Even the most experienced home cooks use cookbooks and recipes for their delicious meals or desserts.

The question is, how to position your cookbook or tablet in your cooking area so that you have a clear and easy view of the recipe, but without the book or device taking up too much space on your countertop or getting messed up by spilled ingredients?

Best Cookbook Stand

Thankfully, there are some excellent cookbook stands on the market which will allow you to save space, protect your recipe and cookbooks or devices via a splatter shield, and at the same time provide you with a view to the desired recipe or cookbook page or website during the cooking process.

We have selected the best cookbook stands for 2022 for you, so read on to find the one to suit your needs.

Clear Solutions Deluxe Large Cookbook Holder


This cookbook holder by Clear Solutions will ensure that you have an easy and comfortable view of the recipe, cookbook, or tablet while you are baking or cooking and, at the same time, will protect them from splashes and damage from the ingredients and food prep processes.

The Deluxe Large Cookbook Holder has a beautiful design, with a natural cherry wood base and a protective clear acrylic splatter guard sheet, which you can pull forward for page-turning or for swiping the screen.

The black metal hinges on the bottom will secure the books or your tablet at any of the viewing angles that you prefer, and when you are done with the cooking, it folds flat for easy storage.

The size of the cherry wood base of one of the most reliable cookbook holders is 15.75 (L) x 6 (W) x 1.5 (H) inches, and the acrylic protective splatter guard is 15.75 (L) x 12 (W) inches.

One of the highest-quality cookbook holders will look great on your countertop and will last for years, helping you prepare the perfect meals and desserts at all times.

Bamboo Cookbook Cook Stand Foldable


This inexpensive yet gorgeous recipe cards stand will allow you to set it at a suitable angle for your cookbook or tablet easily while you are cooking.

The wooden cookbook stand is made of natural bamboo with intricate cut-out figures and designs and folds down flat when not in use. When you set it up for reading or cooking, you can easily adjust the viewing angle to 5 different positions.

The affordable cooking book stand has a rubber base to keep it secure on the countertop and prevent sliding.

It has two black metal pegs on the front to hold the pages when needed.

It is suitable for cookbooks and tablets, but this beautiful bamboo cookery book holder stand can also be used for reading, viewing content, playing music, crafting, and other needs.

It is offered in three different size options, including 11 x 8.1 inches, 13.2 x 9.2 inches, and 15.4 x 11 inches.

Boston Warehouse Bake cookbook and tablet holder

Another great cookbook holder that will look great in your kitchen and will also help hold your cookbook, tablet, or iPad away from the countertop or other cooking surface.

The cookbook stand by the Boston Warehouse Store comes with a hole on top so that you can hang it on the wall, as well as an easel-style back stand to keep it upright at a comfortable viewing angle while you are cooking or baking.

One of the top-rated books stands for kitchen use is made of sturdy composite wood and is easy to clean with a damp cloth.

The tablet stand is offered in a variety of eye-catching designs, colors, materials, and sizes, so there will be one of these wonderful Boston Warehouse bake cookbook holders stands for every taste in this wonderful collection.

Norpro Acrylic Cookbook,  IPad, Tablet Holder


This simple and affordable cookbook holder stand-by Norpro will allow you to view the recipe you are using without your cookbook or tablet taking up too much space on the counter space and without any food and other ingredients accidentally splashing on it.

The size of this all-acrylic cookbook holder is 12.5 x 9 x 3.25 inches, and it can easily fit most standard and large cookbooks, tablets, and iPads.

The acrylic splatter shield is entirely translucent, so you won’t have problems reading the recipe, and it is also very easy to wash and keep clean.

One of the downsides of this inexpensive and simple cookbook holder is that the reading and viewing angle cannot be adjusted, but it is still among the best cookery book stands with a set angle which most people will find comfortable viewing and using.

Tripar Swirl Design Metal Cookbook Stand

This vintage-style cookbook stand will become a beautiful accent in your kitchen and will also allow you to place your cookbook, recipe card, or tablet on top for easy viewing and space-saving.

The cookbook stand is made of a sturdy metal frame with an antiquated swirl design.

It is beautifully crafted and finished with brown paint and can hold just about any cookbook, iPad, tablet, or other recipe book. The specially weighted chains ending with metal ball accents are not only beautiful but serve the purpose of keeping the books open on the page you want.

It has an overall size of 13.5 (H) x 13 (L) x 9.75 (D) inches with a lip depth of 2 inches to hold the books or device in place. When not in use, you can fold the stand flat and store it away easily.

The gorgeous metal cookbook stand is an excellent gift idea for home cooks, avid readers, musicians, and anyone who likes beautiful antique items and furniture.

Home Basics Cast Iron Fleur De Lis Cookbook Stand


These impressive cast iron cookbooks stand by Home Basics with gorgeous red color and an intricate Fleur De Lis design.

The traditional style baking or cookbook stand is 10.5 (L) x 5.7 (W) x 5 (H) inches in size and will help keep the books or tablet off of the countertop and within easy view while you are working on your next culinary masterpiece.

One of the most impressive-looking cookbook holders stands has a large deep base with pegs, which will keep the book in place and on the page you want it.

Since it is made of cast iron, this stand will last forever if you take proper care of it.

On the downside, it doesn’t come with a splatter shield or adjustable reading angles.

Then again, it is one of the sturdiest and prettiest of all cookbook stands on this list.

U.S. Art Supply Hampton Wooden Cookbook Stand

If you have large cookbooks, then you may want to opt for this large wooden cookbook stand by US Art Supply.

It is 13.5 inches wide and can accommodate books, canvases, tablets, or others with a width of up to 14 inches. The height of this cookbook stand is 9.5 inches and can be adjusted to a height of 11 inches.

One of the bestselling cookbook holder stands is made of natural premium beech wood and has a completely adjustable design.

The wood cookbook stand has a nifty design allowing you to adjust the viewing, painting, or reading angle to 75 degrees.

Thanks to the included flip-up pegs on the tray resting on the base, you can ensure that the book stays open at the page you need it to.

The tray also has a hole for a charging cable, in case you prefer to cook using a tablet, iPad, or phone instead of a traditional paper cookbook.

When you are not using this customizable cookbook stand, you can simply fold it down to a flat position and store it away easily.

It is perfect for all types of crafts, painting, music playing, reading, cooking, or others.

The high-quality table easel is offered at a very reasonable price, given the quality provided, and is backed by a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

Clear Solutions Mounted Cookbook Holder


This under cabinet cookbook holder by Clear Solutions is the perfect choice for those of you with small kitchens and limited countertop space.

The cookbook holder is made of natural maple wood and comes with a transparent acrylic splatter sheet to keep your recipe books or tablet safe from spills and splatters.

One of the most innovative cookbook holders can easily be mounted under any cabinet and will fold away discretely to a width of just 2 inches when you are not using it.

This under cabinet cookbook holder does require some installation, but it is an excellent solution for people with limited cooking and food prep space.

Plus, you can also use it to watch your favorite show or any other content on your iPad or tablet when you are spending time in the kitchen.

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