The Best Coffee for French Press Brewing – 2022 Guide

There are many ways that you can brew a hot cup of joe in the morning to get your caffeine fix. The french press technique is arguably the greatest method to make the perfect cup of coffee. Despite all the new methods of making coffee coming out, the french press holds its own as the preferred way to brew coffee in many households, especially ones that have coffee drinking purists.

Many die-hard aficionados of coffee will never budge from their opinion that you can only get the best out of your coffee beans through a french press. No other method can achieve the wholesome extraction of your coffee beans compared to the french press.

Do you consider yourself a connoisseur of the most aromatic and delicious coffee? Surely, you must know like every barista that the final flavor of the brew you get after all your hard work depends on several factors. The most important factor out of them all is, of course, the choice of coffee beans you use and the grind you go for.

To get the best out of your french press, the ground you use is paramount in helping you reach perfection in every brew so you can start your day with your best foot forward.

For the true connoisseur, making french press coffee is a sacred practice – a part of the daily morning ritual that has no room for imperfection or mistakes. We understand the importance of having the perfect coffee in the morning. We have created this article to help you find the perfect coffee for the french press in the market.

We have a collection of reviews of our top recommendations for the best coffee for the french press available in 2022 in this post. Additionally, we have provided a shopping guide to assist you get the most out of your experience brewing the lovely, cozy beverage that will serve as your morning motivating pick-me-up with the best coffee for french press.

We will examine each item in more detail now that you have our list of the best coffee for the french press. The evaluations below will help you learn more about each coffee in our top picks and help you identify the key distinctions that will enable you to make a more informed decision.

Organic USDA Certified Whole Bean Coffee by Death Wish Coffee Co.

If you are in search of the perfect caffeine kick in the morning that will get you up and running, you might want to consider this Organic USDA Certified Whole Bean Coffee by Death Wish Coffee Company. The company goes by the name of Death Wish for a reason. Don’t worry. Your life is not in danger. It is just that Death Wish takes pride in the fact that they are producers of the strongest coffee in the world.

A single cup of Death Wish coffee reputedly has double the dose of caffeine you can get in any regular cup of coffee in the market. That might scare off some of the newbie coffee enthusiasts, but for the coffee purist aficionados, this spells nothing but perfection. Death Wish Co. is also one of the top sellers on Amazon because of its whole bean coffee.

They source their coffee beans from USDA Organic and Fair Trade plantations to produce what is the most surprisingly smooth brew. They ship their coffee as whole beans so you can ground the coffee based on your preference to get the perfect balance for use in your french press between a medium and coarse ground. It is one of the most popular coffee brands around the world and with good reason. French press and Death Wish coffee are often considered synonymous among avid coffee drinkers.

Cold Brew Reserve Coarse Ground Colombian Coffee by Stone Street Coffee

Perhaps the most popular organic product to come out of Colombia is the famous Colombian coffee beans. The country’s climate is perfect for growing coffee, and Stone Street Coffee helps you make the most of it by bringing the coffee beans sourced from a single plantation in Colombia ready for you to brew in your french press.

This Colombian Supremo single-origin coffee is made in plantations that use organic methods to grow 100% Arabica beans with a dark roast. The result is a coarse grind with low acidity that gives you a well-balanced yet bold coffee flavor that is smooth and slightly sweet.

Stone Street Coffee goes through the effort of getting the perfect coarse ground on the coffee beans before they package it and bring it to you. You can enjoy this exceptionally high-quality coffee to make some of the finest french press brews you will ever taste.

Dark Roast Coffee Beans by Koffee Kult

Koffee Kult is another home-grown coffee producer that is based in Hollywood, Florida. The coffee is quite special. The beans are hand-roasted in roasting facilities. Small batches are roasted at one time to ensure excellent quality control and consistency with each granule of coffee bean that is packed to retain its freshness.

If you happen to live in the area, you can even visit the Koffee Kult facility yourself. The company welcomes enthusiastic coffee connoisseurs to visit their facility and see them hard at work to produce near-perfect coffee grounds you can use for your french press.

The beans used in this coffee are entirely GMO-free and 100% Arabica beans. This is a dark roast that preserves the natural flavors of the Arabica coffee and has an undertone of sweet cinnamon and cocoa to give you a sublime beverage. The finished brew you get from this in your french press is smooth, bright, and reputed to give you a long-lasting finish.

French Kick Ground Coffee Premium Dark Roast by Bulletproof

The first coffee we have on our list of top picks for coffee for the french press is the French Kick Ground Coffee made by Bulletproof Coffee. This premium dark roast coffee is made using organically grown and ethically sourced coffee. Bulletproof makes sure the coffee they use is grown through a chemical-free process to give you a premium quality beverage and a guilt-free conscience.

The company roasts the coffee in small batches in roasting houses located right here in the U.S. to produce a fine dark roast with a smooth and sweet flavor with smokey and chocolate overtones. The medium body has a clean finish to give you a set of sublime coffee grounds made to perfection for use with the french press.

It is one of the best sellers on Amazon when it comes to french press coffee and it is ideal for the french press brewing method. There is no other product to start the list of the top coffee for french press that can take its place.

Major Dickason’s Blend Dark Roast Coffee by Peet’s Coffee

This San Francisco Bay-based coffee brand has been producing coffee since the company was founded in California back in 1966. Peet’s Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster and retailer. Major Dickason’s Blend Dark Roast Coffee is one of its finest products to date when it comes to using the french press.

The Major Dickason’s Blend by Peet’s Coffee brings you coffee made with a combination of the finest coffee beans from around the world. Once you have had your way with the coffee beans in your french press, you can almost always enjoy a perfectly balanced cup of coffee every time. Customers love this coffee because of its rich, dark, and complex taste.

It is a favorite for many coffee aficionados due to its full-bodied flavor that has multiple layers to give you one of the most interesting experiences of drinking coffee. The french press experience is better because of sophisticated blends like this one, and there is no better way to brew coffee with the Major Dickason’s Blend than through the trusty french press.

The Coffee Beans and the Grind

People who frequently brew their coffee in the french press have a tendency to select any brand of pre-ground coffee beans without giving it any attention. The bean and the ideal grind, in our opinion, are what create the best coffee. There are several companies that produce wonderfully coarse coffee grounds for consumers to enjoy, but the pleasure of using the french press method is customizing the coarseness to your preferences.

For the best flavor in a french press, a medium to coarse grind is preferred. You get the best flavor extraction from the coffee beans at this ground level. In the french press, the beans are given a proper amount of water exposure for the best extraction. Additionally, it promotes the optimum release of carbon dioxide from the coffee grounds throughout the brew’s steeping process, adding the ideal quantity of flavor to the final product.

While there is a pre-ground coffee we have mentioned in our top picks, most of the coffee for french press we’ve reviewed are whole bean products. Grinding the coffee yourself using a manual or electric coffee grinder will help you master the art of making artisanal french press coffee. Of course, there are pre-grounded blends out there in the market like the one we’ve mentioned above that already come with the right level of coarseness to help you extract the perfect flavor.

Without further ado, we are going to take a look at a guide that will help you make the most of coffee for the french press to get the perfect brew.

A Guide to Using the Best Coffee for French Press


Now that you have a list of the finest coffee for the french press and the reviews of each product, we are confident you will have an easier time deciding on which one suits your needs the best. Of course, you now have the means to produce the most beautifully coarse ground that you can use in your french press. Still, there are a few critical factors you need to know before you go about making your coffee.

If you are not a barista or an expert on french press coffee, you should know that brewing french press coffee can be trickier than you would think. In this section of the article, we have created a simple and straightforward guide that can help you avoid the common mistakes many people make while using their french press to make their coffee.

We have all been there, and this guide will help you make sure you don’t make mistakes so you can make the most of your french press coffee experience like a genuine coffee connoisseur.

Using an Incorrect Amount of Coffee Grounds

Perhaps the most attractive aspect of making french press brewed coffee is that you can have a tailor-made coffee experience. You get to be in control of the number of coffee grounds you use and the amount of time you want for steeping it.

A common mistake many coffee drinkers make is messing up the balance between the coffee grounds and the length of steeping time. If you use too much coffee, you can run the risk of making a brew too strong for your liking. The perfect cup of coffee is supposed to give you a healthy kick start – not keep you up all jittery through to the next morning.

If you use too little coffee, it does not matter how long you steep the brew. You can even leave the brew steeping for hours, but the result will be nothing short of a watery and pale beverage that you would be ashamed to consider coffee. This is why you need to ensure the perfect balance.

For starters to the world of french press, sticking to a 1:10 ratio of coffee grounds to water can be ideal. A gram of coffee grounds for every 10 grams of water will give you a mid-strength brew that goes well for the taste of many people. Eventually, you can increase or decrease the strength after mastering the taste. If you want lighter coffee, you can reduce the steeping time or use fewer grounds. If you want it stronger, you can increase the grounds to water ratio or let it steep for longer.

Bitter Coffee Brew Stew

Perhaps the most disgusting calamity which many newbie coffee enthusiasts experience in their lives is stewing their coffee and creating something truly bitter and unearthly instead of coffee. You should never leave your coffee in the french press. If you leave it for too long, the coffee continues to brew in hot water, and it results in over-extraction of the flavors.

Whenever you finish brewing the coffee, make it a point to transfer it into a thermos or simply drink it while it is fresh. Never leave it in the french press because it can become too bitter for your liking. Try warming the cup you’re pouring it in before you serve the coffee. It helps you retain the heat and keeps your freshly brewed coffee at optimal drinking temperature for longer.

Inadequate Grind Quality

The French press coffee is best made when you use a medium to coarse grind a french press for the coffee. A French press does not give you a good result if your coffee grounds are too fine. When the grounds are too fine, it is difficult to press them down properly. Even worse, sometimes the finer granules can run through the french press filter and get into your drink. Nobody wants the annoying coffee bean particles in their coffee.

To avoid going through that and ruining your morning with bad coffee, you should stop buying poor-quality ground coffee. Instead, you should buy whole beans and invest in a coffee grinder that you can use for a customized medium to the coarse ground for the perfect french press brew. If you are not too sure about how coarse or fine your grounds should be, you can head on over to a local barista and ask them to get you the same coarseness that they use for their coffee machines.

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Final Thoughts

We know and appreciate french press coffee as the most reliable method to enjoy a truly customized cup of your favorite delectable beverage. It gives you a flavor genuine to the nature of the beans. While you might have been using various beans for your french press till now, we guarantee you that the products we’ve recommended will help you get an experience unlike any other with your french press-brewed coffee from now on.

We hope that between the list of our top picks for the finest coffee for the french press, their reviews, and our guide on mistakes to avoid, you will be able to enjoy the perfect coffee every morning.

Hope you enjoy your caffeinating experience!

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