Best Cheese Slicer Reviews 2022: Top 5+ Recommended

Best Cheese Slicer

Ever wondered how to prepare sandwiches easier? Slicing cheese, ham, bread… a whole lot of slicing.

If there aren’t any good kitchen utensils to make it go faster and smoother, it might even end up with you simply walking to the nearest fast-food restaurant.

If saving time, energy, AND money is important to you, getting the best cheese slicer there is sounds like a great place to start.

What are the benefits of a good cheese slicer?

Back in the days, I didn’t quite understand the need for so many food preparation utensils.

At least that’s how I thought until I realized the benefits of using utensils created specifically for that purpose.

Having a good cheese slicer might help you save the time and energy that you would otherwise spend on using non-suitable products.

How to choose the best cheese slicer?

Choosing the right cheese slicer to suit your needs depends, of course, on what your needs are.

There are many types of cheese slicers, and below I listed some of them:

Adjustable Rolling Cheese Cutter

If you need your cheese slicer to provide the adjustability of thickness while also being able to cut through semi-soft and hard types of cheese, you might want to consider getting the adjustable rolling cheese cutter.

The stainless steel wire makes it easy for you to cut the cheese in the size and thickness of your choosing.

In the case of wire breaks, you are provided with another one to replace it.

Cheese Slicer with Slicing Board

This type of slicer cuts through both soft and hard kinds of cheese while being thickness-adjustable. It may be equipped with either stainless steel wire or stainless steel blade.

Now, in addition to that, it also features a cutting board that may be used as a serving platter. The material the board is made of varies from wood and marble to stainless steel.

  • The wooden slicing board is made from hardwood, or more specifically, beech wood. It offers easy maintenance while being lightweight.
  • The slicing board made from marble is great because of its non-stick surface. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, it provides the function of keeping the cheese fresh and cool.
  • What makes this stainless steel board great is the fact that you don’t have to worry about it getting rusty. It is praised for its ability to withstand damage, and besides its longevity, it also provides safety.

Cheese Plane

This type of cheese slicer is great for cutting thin, precise, and even slices. It is used both for very soft and hard cheese.

The cheese plane is made of stainless steel and a sharp blade with the hole above. It enables you to scrape off slices of cheese, which then pass through that hole.

The design is based on the carpenter’s plane. This cheese slicer is typical for Nordic countries where they use it to cut cheese for sandwiches and appetizers.

What to look for when trying to find a good cheese slicer?

There are so many cheese slicers that promise to do the job for us and be useful in the long run, but not all of them actually live up to our standards.

The reason for them not meeting our expectations may (among other things) have something to do with the durability of the product and the overall quality of the materials used for manufacturing the product.

Below are some useful tips that may come in handy when you are in search of the best cheese slicer to fulfill your needs:

Safety first!

Good cutting equipment should provide safety-oriented features, such as rubber handle and safe-to-use cutting wires, or non-slip board when it comes to board slicers.

Longevity & Warranty

Two important characteristics to look for when buying a cheese slicer – always look for the model that can stand the test of time and pressure in order to avoid replacing your cheese slicers every now and then.

Go for ones made of stainless steel and zinc alloy as those are stronger and won’t get rusty.

Also, look for a cheese slicer that comes with a warranty to ensure that you get your wires replaced once they break.

Easy Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning the slicer after you are done (since cheese can stick to your slicing board, blade, or wire), having an easy-to-clean product is always a plus!

Furthermore, the ones that are dishwasher-safe will be even more convenient.


Another feature of a good cheese slicer is offering the ability to adjust the wires to suit your needs.

Not all cheese slicers have this feature, so it’s best to look for the ones that do if you want to cut different slices.

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Top Five Best Cheese Slicers You Can Get – Reviews 2022

Bellemain Adjustable Thickness Cheese Slicer

Let’s kick things off by mentioning this elegant slicer, which falls into the first category of cheese slicers mentioned earlier.

It has adjustable stainless steel wire perfect for cutting precise, even slices, and what’s more – their thickness is completely up to you. It doesn’t really matter if the cheese block is semi-soft or somewhat harder – Bellemain Cheese Slicer will do it for you as it did for me.

Oh, and you know how the arrangement of cheese platters is aesthetically pleasing?

Well, if you are a perfectionist like myself, you will find this slicer particularly handy when slicing cheese for cheese trays.

The beautifully arranged cheese platter is what I aim for when having a party since it always brings joy to me to see my guests, family, and friends tuck into this appetizer with gusto!

What also makes this slicer great is the fact that it is made from zinc alloy, which means no rust, and good pressure handling while slicing.

You are also provided with replacement wire and, thanks to its strength and a full one-year warranty that comes with the package, it is safe to say that it is a good choice in the long run!


  • Replacement cutting wire
  • Zinc alloy = Strength + Durability
  • Dishwasher-safe!
  • Adjustable stainless steel wire
  • Sturdy and dependable!
  • Perfect slicing!


  • Wire breaks if you don’t use it properly
  • Somewhat short handle

Prodyne 805B Thick Beech Wood Cheese Slicer

This cheese slicer is somewhat different from what I reviewed earlier. This one falls into the second category – the one with the slicing board.

Beechwood slicing board features an elegant black arm and handle grip. It is also equipped with stainless steel cutting wire which enables you to cut through both semi-soft and hard kinds of cheese.

It is non-stick and provides perfect slices, be it thick or thin. The manufacturer offers the replacement of the wire but is so sure of this product that, upon purchase, you get a lifetime warranty!

The board is easy to clean, lightweight, and does not get damaged easily. Furthermore, it keeps the cheese fresh and can be used as a cheeseboard. As for safety, the rubber feet help it stay secure and in place.

Now, what I didn’t like about this product was the quality of the wire – it seemed to be stretching after each use. Also, it wasn’t as tight as I supposed, which made it harder for me to cut straight slices – it was kind of wobbly.

Not exactly as efficient as advertised, but still a good choice – it’ll do the job for an affordable price.


  • Keeps the cheese fresh, non-stick
  • Board is easy to clean & maintain
  • The slicing board is secured by the rubber feet for safety reasons
  • The manufacturer offers you a lifetime warranty


  • Breakable, stretchy/unstable wire
  • Polyurethane finish is not durable
  • Uneven cutting of cheese slices

Westmark Germany Wire Cheese Slicer

This particular slicer is made in Germany and has an adjustable angle which you can use to get the preferred thickness of the slices.

It cuts fantastically both through soft and hard cheeses thanks to the wire and roller being made of high-quality stainless steel.

The cast aluminum handle is great because of its ergonomic feature which helps you work with more comfort and ease. This cheese slicer is as easy to clean as it is easy to use – simply wash with soap and water.

One significant characteristic of this slicer is that you are secured for the next five years – that’s how many years its warranty is backed with! What I also liked about it is how simple it is to use and also its non-stick surface.

On the other hand, what I didn’t like about this product and my only remark about it would be the cleaning part – I put it in the dishwasher, and when it came out, the roller was gray.

With everything else taken into account – this seems like a good choice!


  • Heavy-duty cheese slicer
  • Lightweight, but very sturdy
  • Easy to use, simple and non-stick
  • 5-year warranty or money back!
  • Perfect cutting of the slices
  • Ergonomic handle for greater comfort


  • Non-adjustable wire
  • No dishwasher-safe feature
  • If used on hard cheese, wire breaks/bends

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Westmark Germany Multipurpose Cheese Slicer

The last slicer on today’s list is also manufactured by the Westmark company.

This slicing board is made from ABS (plastic), and this is a multipurpose slicer, which means that, aside from slicing the cheese, it can also be used to slice other foods, such as veggies and fruit.

It uses a stainless steel blade that is operated with a cast aluminum handle to cut through soft and somewhat harder cheese. The handle is ergonomic so it offers you comfort while thickness adjustable scale makes it easy for you to slice food however you prefer.

I liked this slicer because it was easy to clean and it gave me control over the thickness of the slices. It was reliable and easy to use at the same time. Also, you get a 5-year warranty, which is great!

The downside of this product is the lack of safety features – while the sharpness of the blade is what you are probably looking for when buying a slicer, it is not very safe, especially if you have children around.

By buying this board you won’t only get a great product for a fair price – you will also get a multipurpose slicer that you might want to use every day!


  • Easy cleanup (simply use soap and water to wash)
  • Multipurpose product – useful for slicing cheese AND other food
  • The adjustable thickness of the food slices
  • Durable – 5-year warranty!


  • It May not be the best choice for hard cheese
  • NO safety feature

OXO Wire Cheese Slicer with Replaceable Wires

OXO wire cheese slicer comes with stainless steel wire controlled by the tensioning wheel. It enables you to tighten the wire when it gets loose, which is inevitable. The wire is easy to load and it can cut through semi-hard and hard cheeses with ease.

The handle is designed to give you maximum comfort. Being made of zinc, this slicer is sturdy and safe to wash in the dishwasher.

The package includes the replacement wire in case the original gets broken and it’s easy to replace it. My son replaced it in one minute for me the other day. If needed, the wires can also be bought separately.

For me, the favorite thing about this cheese slicer is that it is very easy to use and all you need to do to switch from cutting thick to thin slices is change the angle of your wrist – and you will get the preferred thickness of your cheese slices!

However, I had difficulty trying to find the right angle to make my cheese slices look all uniform, and even…it might take you some time to get it right.

Put that aside and you’ve got yourself a good, quality slicer for a reasonable price!


  • Comfortable handle, sturdy slicer, made of zinc
  • Dishwasher-safe feature!
  • Easy to use, adjustable wire, great design
  • Replacement cutting wire is included in the package, the wire is easy to change


  • Uniform, even slices are hard to cut
  • The tightening knob collects water

Which Cheese Slicer Should You Choose?

The clear winner of the roundup, and also my personal favorite, is – Bellemain Adjustable Thickness Cheese Slicer.

The reasons for that are numerous – it fulfills the need for adjustability, the wire is safe to use, easy to clean, it is dishwasher-safe, it is durable and will last, and the company offers a full-year warranty!

The only thing you need to be careful about is to use the wire properly to avoid replacing it.

You get all the features you are looking for in this one product – don’t get me wrong, other products are good in their own ways, but some of them weren’t safe enough, some weren’t adjustable, and some of them were useless for slicing hard cheese…but Bellemain Cheese Slicer stood up to the challenge.

And the price…for that quality it may sound like a bargain!

What more can cheese slicing enthusiasts ask for? 🙂

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