The 3 Best Ceramic Electric Kettles in 2022

Do you love the convenience of the modern electric kettles but miss the beauty and charm of the traditional ceramic kettle?

The good news is that there are some superb ceramic electric kettles on the market, as the Bella 14743. They work as quickly and safely as regular stainless steel electric kettles but look much better and are more presentable.

Best Ceramic Electric Kettle


Ceramic electric kettles have the same functionality as the rest of the electric-powered ones but are definitely better looking.  You can proudly display them in front of guests, as well as enjoy the pretty accent they will bring to your kitchen, tabletop or office.

Here are the top ceramic kettles you can buy in 2022:

Best overall

BELLA 14743 Electric Tea Kettle, 1.5 LITER, White Marble

The Bella 14743 is a gorgeous-looking ceramic electric kettle that has all the functionalities of a traditional electric kettle but with added flair and good looks.

It has a capacity of heating up and boiling up to 1.5 liters of water and will do it much faster than a microwave and safer than when using a stovetop kettle.

The water is heated via a powerful 1350-watt heating element.

The kettle itself is completely detachable from the swivel base. This makes it easy to pour the water, use the kettle for serving tea or other beverages, as well as to fill it up, and wash it without a cord limiting your movements.

This ceramic electric kettle has an exquisite design that can make a statement in any room—kitchen, workplace, dorm, etc.

It comes in a variety of designs and hues, including Copper Chrome, White Marble, Black Floral, and Silver Tile.

When the water level is too low for safe heating and boiling, as well as when it reaches its boiling point, the gorgeous kettle includes an automatic shut-off mechanism.

Water within the ceramic kettle will retain heat longer thanks to the lid’s secure silicone seal.

It is BPA-free, has convenient cord storage and a compact size of 9.52 x 8.93 x 9.52 inches, and has a weight of 4.8 lbs.

Overall, this is the perfect ceramic electric kettle you can buy at such an affordable price and with such high quality.

The runner-up

BELLA 14762 Electric Tea Kettle, 1.8 LITER, White Marble

The runner-up in this list is another stunningly beautiful ceramic electric kettle made by Bella.

The Bella 14762 has a larger capacity than the top-rated one on this list. It can heat up 1.8 liters of water quickly, safely, and efficiently.

It has a powerful 1500 watt heating element, which will allow for faster water heating and boiling. This makes the kettle a more efficient appliance to use as compared to a microwave oven or a stovetop for boiling water.

This wonderful ceramic electric kettle offers variable temperature control. This means that you can set it to heat up the water to a specific temperature suitable for the beverage or use of your choice.

The pre-set temperatures are 160 degrees F for Delicate, 180 degrees F for green or white tea, 190 degrees F for oolong, 200 degrees F for French Press, and Boil for black tea, oatmeal, noodles, and others.

The options are conveniently located on the extended base in front of the kettle, and you can choose the setting with a single push of a button.

This beautiful and versatile ceramic electric kettle also has a keep-warm function. This will allow the water to stay at the desired temperature long enough so that everyone can get a refill or two of tea, coffee, cocoa, or other.

It can be removed from its base and used for serving and pouring, as well as be washed or filled without having to deal with a dangling or limiting power cord.

The ceramic electric kettle is available in white marble and other colors and designs. Every one of them will look great in your kitchen, office, or on your coffee table at home.

Most unique ceramic electric kettle

Saki Electric Kettle Samovar Tea Maker with Porcelain Tea-Pot

The Samovar tea maker is a traditional tea maker that has been used for centuries in Russia, Turkey, and Persia.

If you want a ceramic electric kettle that will really stand out from the rest of the traditional electric kettles, we suggest you check out this beautiful and multifunctional appliance by Saki. This electric kettle samovar is a modern take but still provides that timeless tea serving and drinking style.

It consists of a powerful and safe electric water heater and boiler and an added beautiful porcelain teapot for steeping and brewing the perfect Russian, black, green, white, or Turkish teas.

The 2-in-1 appliance is the perfect addition to the household of tea lovers.

The water heater has a very functional design and is made of premium quality, BPA-free materials.

It has two handles for easy filling, washing, and pouring. Even better, it has a tap so you can pour the hot water into the teapot or a cup effortlessly and without picking up the whole unit.

The water heater has a capacity of heating up 3.2 liters of water, which is more than enough to fill the beautiful porcelain teapot of 1.5 liters two times and more.

The heater has built-in safety features such as auto shutting off when the water reaches its boiling point or when the water inside is not enough to be heated.

With a considerable capacity water heater like this, you will save loads of time and money for heating large quantities of water over and over again. This is especially true if you love drinking tea all day long at home or at your office.

The heated water can be used for making oatmeal, noodles, cocoa, as well as other types of tea such as oolong, earl grey, and others.

One of the main advantages of this modern samovar is that it has a nifty keep warm feature. This will allow you to have access to perfectly hot water all day long.

The porcelain teapot comes with a stainless steel tea infuser with a strainer for making the perfect clear tea of your liking.

The porcelain teapot also has an ergonomic handle and an easy-to-pour spout, as well as a practical touch knob.

It will look great at home or in the office and is the perfect appliance and utensil to have if you like to have friends over for tea.

The size of the samovar is 10.7 x 10.7 x 19.5 inches, and it weighs 7.55 lbs.

It may not be a true electric kettle as we know it, but if you love tea and drink it all day, it is among the best options to choose from on the market in 2022.

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Why do you need a ceramic electric kettle?

Even though they are called ceramic, these electric kettles usually have stainless steel interiors allowing for the water to be heated up and boiled safely.

The main advantage of ceramic electric kettles is their look. They carry that traditional and timeless design of the old-time porcelain teapots that your mother or grandmother used to use.

They are much more elegant than most stainless steel or plastic electric kettles and can be used for serving tea, coffee, or other hot beverages to guests.

They are definitely much more glamorous and eye-catching than most of modern electric kettles. Plus, most of them have detachable bases and can be used to pour and serve without the hassle of dealing with power cords.

Most ceramic electric kettles have scale filters that make them easy to clean up, and they can keep the water heated up for longer.

What are the disadvantages of ceramic electric kettles?

Although they are lovely, ceramic electric kettles tend to be heftier than regular stainless steel ones. This can make pouring water and making hot beverages more difficult if you have weaker hands.

Another disadvantage is that a good quality ceramic electric kettle usually costs more than an alternative stainless steel one.

The most obvious disadvantage of this type of kettle is that they are more fragile than the ones made only of stainless steel.

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Final words


If all you want is an appliance that will heat up water for tea, French press, cocoa, oatmeal, or other needs, you can opt for a normal stainless steel electric kettle. Steel kettles are usually less expensive, more durable, and lighter in weight.

Then again, if you want a more glamorous and impressive-looking kettle for your kitchen, office, or coffee or tea table, then investing in a premium quality ceramic electric kettle is absolutely worth every cent.

Make sure you buy one with the functions and with the safety features needed to keep you and the kettle safe, as well as with the decorative elements you like, and you will surely enjoy your new purchase and will gladly display it to your friends too.

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