The Best Bluetooth Meat Thermometers for 2022

A Bluetooth thermometer for meat and cooking may seem like something from the future or overkill for some, but the truth is that a tool like this can be incredibly handy if you are a pitmaster who doesn’t want to spend hours babysitting your smoker or grill.

With a reliable Bluetooth meat thermometer, you can set your grill, smoker, or oven to the desired temperature and “forget” about the meat or other food cooking until it reaches the safe cooking temperature and the doneness temperature of your choice.

Plus, you can receive notifications on your phone or tablet about temperature changes and when the desired temperature is reached. This eliminates the need to open the lid or door of the smoker to check the meat’s internal temperature manually and thus letting the smoke and heat out.

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You may use your phone or tablet in place of carrying a cumbersome receiver.

The overall unreliability and restricted range of Bluetooth connectivity, as well as the requirement that the mobile app be kept open and running on your phone or tablet, are some drawbacks of Bluetooth thermometers. This can deplete your phone’s battery, especially if you cook for extended periods of time or at night.

You can avoid guessing and spend your time doing something else while your meat is being cooked to perfection with one of our top picks for the best Bluetooth meat thermometers for 2022.

The top recommended Bluetooth thermometers for 2022

Here are our top picks for the best Bluetooth thermometers, with their key features, pros, and cons.

Best overall

Weber iGrill 2 Bluetooth Thermometer

The top-rated Weber iGrill 2 is among the most popular options on the market in 2022. This is a high-quality measurement tool with built-in Bluetooth connectivity. It can easily be paired with a smartphone or a tablet, which will enable you to monitor the temperature of the meat you are cooking remotely at any given moment.

The standard Weber iGrill 2 is sold with two stainless steel meat probes, but the unit has a capacity for connecting four probes. You can purchase two additional meat probes or an ambient temperature probe to monitor the temperature inside the smoker or grill remotely as well.

The iDevice company originally produced the iGrill, but the success of its Bluetooth thermometers grabbed the attention of Weber, and in 2016, the leader in the production of Grills and accessories purchased the rights to this grill thermometer, as well as the other iGrill models.

The other iGrill thermometers include the Weber iGrill Mini and the iGrill 3.

The difference between the iGrill2 and the iGrill3 is that the latter is compatible only with Weber’s Genesis II and the Genesis II LX grills, while the former can be used with just about any grill.

The temperature range that this thermometer can measure is from -22 up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit.

The professional-grade steel probes can resist temperatures of up to 716 degrees Fahrenheit.

The thermometer itself is magnetic so that you can attach it to the lid or door of the smoker or grill.

The mobile app is very useful. It has preset temperatures for different doneness and meat types, which makes setting the temperature more effortless than ever.

You can monitor the temperatures of all four probes simultaneously on the screen of your phone or iPad and will receive a notification once the desired doneness or ambient temperature is reached. You can save your temperature settings for the recipes you like.


  • Easy and reliable pairing via Bluetooth – unlike many other Bluetooth thermometers, this one offers a reliable wireless connection within a range of 150 feet. The pairing is easy and quick and takes about 2 seconds.
  • A capacity for four meat and/or ambient probes – the unit comes with two pro-range steel meat probes. Still, you can add another two meat or ambient ones to monitor the temperatures of up to four pieces of meat or the temperature of the meat and the ambient temperature in the smoker.
  • You can name each of the probes – this will allow you to check the temperatures of the different pieces of meat, part of the same cut, or different ambient temperature levels with a single glance without having to remember which probe stands for what.
  • It has one of the most useful mobile apps – the mobile iGrill app has been improving over time and has excellent ratings by both iOS (4.7 out of 5) and Android (4.4 out of 5) users.
  • The thermometer comes with 2 AA batteries with a battery life of 200 hours. Plus, it has a proximity sensor and will automatically shut its display off when you walk away from the smoker to save batteries.
  • It is very accurate – this can be checked by performing a test with boiling water.
  • The included probes are longer than the traditional ones and are 48 inches long for added convenience and greater flexibility when setting up the pit.


  • The iGrill app can drain the battery of your phone if you leave the Bluetooth and app on throughout a long low, and slow cooking session. The Bluetooth connection will drop if you put the phone to sleep.
  • While the range of the thermometer is advertised as up to 150 feet, it may be much less depending on the walls and the setup of your house.

Best budget-friendly option

InkBird Bluetooth Grill BBQ Thermometer with 4 Probes

Inkbird is not a well-known name, but the thermometer offered by this company offers the best bang for the buck.

It is the most suitable Bluetooth thermometer to buy if you are on a tight budget. At the cost of nearly half of that for the iGrill2, you will get an excellent thermometer, with 4 probes (3 meat probes and 1 ambient probe), 2 clips, a charging cable, and built-in Bluetooth connectivity with a range of 150 feet.

The transmitter of the InkBird Bluetooth thermometer is powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery included with the unit. The battery life is about 40 hours.

It is magnetic and has a bright display and touch controls.

The thermometer can measure temperatures of 32 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit.

The mobile app is quite helpful for setting and monitoring the internal temperature of the meat as well as the ambient temperature inside the grill or smoker. It has a timer and will notify you with an alarm once the desired temperature is reached or if the connection breaks down.

The app has preset temperature modes for 12 types of meat and different doneness temperatures.


  • Great value for money – the thermometer is very inexpensive but includes a digital transmitter, 3 meat probes, 1 ambient probe, 2 probe clips, a charger, and a rechargeable li-ion battery
  • Rechargeable battery, with a battery life of 40 hours per charge
  • An easy to use a mobile app, quick pairing, and a reliable Bluetooth connection of up to 150 feet
  • Preset temperatures for different doneness of 12 types of meat
  • Magnetic thermometer and 59-inch probes for easier pit setup
  • An alarm for when the desired temperature is reached, or when the connection drops or the power of the thermometer switches off


  • The app is not as advanced as the iGrill app
  • The unit is not waterproof

Best combined Bluetooth and Wi-Fi thermometer

FireBoard 2 FBX2 Thermometer

If you want the top-of-the-line wireless meat and grill thermometer, then we strongly recommend the FireBoard FBX2. This is a professional-range thermometer with a large and clear display to show the temperature readings of up to 6 different probes at the same time.

It comes with 3 meat probes and 1 ambient probe.

This high-end grill thermometer offers Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, so you don’t have to worry about the Bluetooth connection dropping or about not being able to cook if the wireless network at home is down.

The thermometer will send all of the data to the cloud, where it can be sent or accessed by phone, tablet, computer, or any other internet-connected device. This means that you can low and slow smoke and cook your food safely even without being home.

The battery is rechargeable, and the thermometer comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • One of the most reliable wireless thermometers, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options, and one which pushes all the readings and data to the cloud
  • You can keep an eye on up to 6 different probes from any internet-connected device anywhere
  • The batteries are rechargeable and have a long battery life
  • By adding a drive fan, you can turn this smart thermometer into an automatic temperature control unit for completely unattended smoking
  • It is sold with 3 meat probes and 1 ambient probe, but you can add another two probes
  • The large display will show graphs of the temperatures, so you can log and go back to monitor the entire smoking process


  • There are no preset temperatures for doneness or for the different types of meat, so you will need to enter them manually
  • It is more expensive than most other Bluetooth thermometers

The best single-probe option

ThermoWorks BlueDOT Alarm Thermometer

This simple yet smart and reliable thermometer by ThermoWorks is the finest option if you need a Bluetooth-enabled meat thermometer with a single probe.

This thermometer will allow you to monitor and track the entire temperature curve of the cooking process from start to beginning, including any spikes.

It comes with a single 4.5-inch pro range probe with a long 47-inch cable.

The transmitter is small, but its display can be read clearly and will display both your target and the current temperature at once. The thermometer will pair with your phone in a few seconds via Bluetooth. This will enable you to set the desired temperature, monitor it, and receive alerts on your mobile device.

It has a range of 95 feet and is among the bestselling cooking and meat thermometers on the market.

The device is IP65 splash-proof and comes with a free downloadable app for both iOS and Android.


  • It is very accurate and easy to use
  • The desired and current temperatures are easy to see even from a distance
  • You can set alarms for the set temperature with or without the Bluetooth connection and app
  • It is splash-proof
  • The thermometer is sold with a professional range probe
  • You can monitor the entire temperature curve and see if there have been any spikes in the temperature
  • The high-quality thermometer is backed by a 2-year warranty


  • Its Bluetooth range is limited to 95 feet line of sight

The best wire-free Bluetooth thermometer

Meater Plus with Bluetooth Repeater

While our other top picks all include probes that are connected via wires to a transmitter that connects to a mobile phone, this nifty Bluetooth meat thermometer has no wires at all.

It includes a probe that has a built-in Bluetooth transmitter with a range of up to 165 feet.

The smart Bluetooth thermometer has two temperature sensors – for the internal meat temperature and for the ambient temperature in the grill, smoker, or oven.

It is very easy to set without the hassle of dealing with wires, clips, and transmitters.

While the previous version of this cleverly designed wireless thermometer had issues with connectivity when the smoker was closed, this new version has improved Bluetooth connectivity of up to 165 feet. This is achieved thanks to the built-in Bluetooth signal extender I the elegant wood charger of the thermometer.

You can easily pair your phone with the thermometer and use the free app to set the desired temperature, monitor the ambient and meat temperature in real-time, and keep an eye on the cooking time remaining.

It is a sleek, easy-to-use, and smart thermometer for those of you who dislike dealing with cables and wires.


  • It is the only completely wireless Bluetooth thermometer we have seen
  • It has the largest connectivity range of all of the thermometers on our list (up to 165 feet)
  • The thermometer has no wires and has two temperature sensors – one for the doneness of the meat and the other for the ambient temperature inside the smoker
  • It is easy to use, and the app has a simple but useful design
  • There is a built-in signal extender in the elegant wood charger of the thermometer
  • You can extend the range of connectivity using Meater Link Wi-Fi and the Meater Cloud features


  • It is a single probe, and although it can measure both the doneness and ambient temperature, you may need a thermometer with more meat probes. Thankfully, there is a Meater Block set available, which includes 4 wireless probes, a Standalone cooking mode, and an integrated Meater Cloud feature.

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