The Best Big Green Egg Tables on the Market

The big green egg is a versatile grill, which as its name hints, comes in an egg shape. To comfortably use this grill, you need a big green egg table. It is a specially designed table that the grill fits into. You can use the space provided to prepare your food and store your utensils.

If you are looking for the best green egg table in the market, you are in the right place. We will take you through a review of outstanding models to narrow down your selection.

Extra Workspace and Storage

JJGeorge Big Green Egg 55’’ Table + Table Cover Included

Starting the review is JJGeorge big green 55-inch table. It is an excellent selection, more so if you want sufficient space. A look at its other features will show you this table’s greatness.

Extra Workspace

The selling point of this JJGeorge’s table is its working space. It has a large area where you can prepare or serve your food. There is storage space on the lower shelf, where you can store items like utensils and spices.

The Table’s Construction

Be careful to examine the structure of a green egg table before purchasing. To ensure that the furniture you buy will endure a long time, consider its durability. The JJGeorge’s model is constructed from Eastern red cedar. This hardwood has a high degree of resistance to breakage.

Additionally, the hardwood adds to its striking appearance. A finishing with spar-urethane varnish provides an additional layer of protection. Additionally increasing shine, the varnish. The table can accommodate a grill weighing up to 200 pounds and won’t decay.


Another fantastic feature of the JJGeorge big green 55-inches is its ease of use. Assembly is straightforward, especially if you have DIY skills. Cleaning is easy, with soap and water being all that you need to have it in good shape.

This furniture item comes with a table cover. You use it to cover the table when not in use, to protect it from external agents like dust and rain.


At 108-pounds, this grill table is heavy. To beat the weight, it has a set of four swivel casters for its mobility. The wheels are sturdy and can tackle different kinds of terrain.

Highlighted Features

Table dimensions: 55*25*32-inches.

Product weight: 108-pounds.

Product material: Eastern red cedar with a spar-urethane finish.

Provided accessories: table cover.


  • Effortless assembly.
  • A set of four wheels for mobility.
  • A robust construction.
  • Ample working space, with an extra shelf for storage.
  • The spar-urethane finish gives it a fantastic look.
  • A high weight support limit of over 200-pounds.


  • It is pretty bulky.

Compact Table for Large Big Green Egg

JJGeorge Big Green Egg 44’’ Table, Table Cover Included

If you have a small space, you need a compact big green egg table for space economy. The JJGeorge big green egg 44-inch table is a suitable pick. Let us have an in-depth look at this table’s model.

Space Economy

At 44*25*32-inches, this furniture piece is relatively compact. It is ideal if you have a small space or if you are into minimalistic designs. It does not need much area in the kitchen or backyard, and you may use it in your verandah or balcony.

Despite the small build, it provides you with adequate working space. There is an extra shelf where you can store your cooking accessories and utensils.


This JJGeorge big green egg table’s primary material is Eastern red cedar. It is a hardwood, renowned for its sturdiness. The table will withstand harsh weather without signs of warping or rotting. The varnish also improves its resiliency.

The table will accommodate a grill weight past 200-pounds, which makes it versatile when focusing on weight support.

Amazing Looks

This table is an outstanding option if you want a looker. The Eastern red cedar wood has a distinct copper-red color. The clear spar-urethane finish punctuates the color, giving it a shiny edge. In an outdoor cookout session, it can be a good conversation starter.


The table has a set of four wheels, which help manage its 75-pound weight. The heavy-duty swiveling wheels can move over different surfaces without stalling.


Using this table is a walk in the park and assembling it is straightforward. You require only eight bolts to have it in working shape. Cleaning is stress-free, courtesy of the varnish coat. A quick wet wipe will do away with grime and dust.

When you get this equipment, you get a free table cover. The cover comes in handy in protecting the table from dust and other agents when not in use.

Highlighted Features

Table’s dimensions: 44*25*32-inches.

Weight: 75-pounds.

Primary material: Eastern red cedar with clear spar-urethane varnish finishing.

Available accessories: a table cover.


  • Economical on space.
  • An extra shelf for storing your cooking items.
  • A sturdy construction.
  • The table has a set of heavy-duty wheels for mobility.
  • Straightforward assembly, use, and maintenance.
  • Amazing looks.
  • The package comes with a free table cover.


  • Fixing the bolts may be a bit challenging

Premium Pick

J S Designs Shop, LLC Big Green Egg Cabinet Table for Large BGE

J S Designs shop, LLC’s big green egg cabinet table is the premium pick in this review. It earns this accolade due to its awesome mash-up of attributes. Highlighted below are some of them.

Product Quality

One of the standout characteristics of this table is its product quality. It is a 100% clear-grade cypress build. The material does not have knots, which enhances its resiliency.

Furthermore, the lumber undergoes kiln-drying, resulting in a 6.5% moisture content. Kiln-drying eliminates instances of shrinkage or breaking when used in different environmental conditions. Additionally, it has a Sherwin-Williams premium-grade fence and deck stain finish. The varnish adds to its sturdiness.

This penetrating finish allows for stable expansion and contraction without the risk of cracking. With this big green egg table, you are sure of lengthy service.


You will have a satisfying moment using this table, even if you are a beginner. Assembly is straightforward, requiring standard tools like a screwdriver. Once assembled, you are good to enjoy its ample working space to prepare your meals.


This table is very spacious, with an area of 59.5*24.5-inches. The cooking area gives you ample space to prepare your food and to hold the green egg grill.

If you want more working space, you can unfold a drop-leaf shelf on its side. This shelf provides you with an additional 17.5*17.5-inches area.

The J S Designs shop large BGE table has a cabinet and shelf below the working area. You may use this space to store spices, food, fuel, and other add-ons.


175-pounds is on the higher side in the table’s weight. There is no need to worry about moving this table as it has a set of four wheels. The wheels ensure you have an easy time when moving this furniture piece from one place to another.

Highlighted Features

Dimensions: 59.5*24.5*32-inches. Drop leaf shelf area: 17.5*17.5-inches.

Table weight: 175-pounds.

Material: Clear-grade cypress.

Cabinet size: 23*20*15-inches.


  • A fascinating look.
  • Durable build, resistant to environmental changes.
  • Its set of wheels enhances its mobility.
  • Ample working space, with a drop-leaf to expand your working area.
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • It has a shelf for storing your cooking accessories.


  • The finish may begin to peel after extensive use.

Restaurant Quality

Castle Stove Stainless Steel Big Green Egg Table

The Castle stove stainless steel big green egg table is suitable for commercial applications. The following are some of this green egg table’s features.

Sturdy Build

Stainless steel is its main material contrary to most big green egg tables which are wooden. While wood is strong, its resiliency won’t match that of stainless steel. The table’s construction is a guarantee of longevity.


The big green egg table is versatile; looking at the big green eggs it will accommodate. It supports big, medium, and small green eggs.


The table is very spacious, offering you ample working area. This area is enough for preparing your food before cooking them. It can also hold several utensils that you use in grilling. The table also has two drawers and an extra storage chamber. A set of utensil hooks hold items like spoons and ladles.


A set of four casters allow you to move the table effortlessly. They handle this equipment’s weight and can move over different surfaces – even the rugged ones on most backyards.

Its Aesthetic Factor

The Castle stove stainless steel big green egg table is a work of beauty. The stainless steel material makes it shiny and can improve when polished. It has a futuristic look that can uphold your cooking area’s outlook.

Highlighted Features

Product dimensions: 60*28*35-inches.

Primary material: stainless steel.

Provided add-ons: a set of two drawers and a hook for utensils.


  • The table comes pre-assembled.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • A heavy-duty construction.
  • An amazing look.
  • Wheels enable its mobility.
  • Adequate working space.
  • Supports large, medium, and small green eggs.


  • The table is heavy.

How to Choose the Right Big Green Egg Table

Photo credit: jjgeorgestore

The following are some of the factors to keep in mind when looking for an ideal big green egg table.


As seen from the review, features are significant when getting this equipment. The more features it has, the better the furniture piece. Look for things like versatility, which allows you to use the table in various settings.

Another feature to be keen on is portability. The good thing is that you will find most tables with casters for easy movement. Lockable wheels are perfect, as they uphold safety in the cooking area. Once locked, the table will be firm on the preferred location.


You should also be keen on the material. Wood is the standard material. If wooden, be certain that it is hardwood as it will be long-lasting and have an amazing look. A coat of varnish will also help enhance its durability.

There are steel tables, which won’t let you down at all if looking for longevity. Stainless steel is very hard, and when polished, it looks beautiful.


When looking at size, you factor in available space. It is advisable to go for a compact big green egg table, for space economy, if you have a small space. However, if you want a large working area, go for bigger tables.

Some of these furniture pieces come with leaf shelves to create an additional working area. You may also have a drawer or shelf to accommodate your utensils and cooking accessories.

How to Clean Your Big Green Egg Table?

Photo credit: greenbigegg

Cleaning your big green egg table is a critical part of its maintenance. Besides having it look good, you also lengthen its life.

To clean the table, start by removing the grill and setting it aside, similar to other utensils on the shelves and drawers. Use soapy water to clean the top part. For the best results, you can use a mild countertop spray. It is gentle on the surfaces and has a refreshing lavender scent.

For stainless steel tables, a stainless steel cleaner will work fine. The cleaners do away with grime, dust, fingerprints, and streaks, leaving you with a clear surface.

After cleaning the top, follow up with a gentle wipe with a rag. Do the same for the lower shelves and drawers. You can put the table under a shade to air it. In case of odors, you can use a mixture of vinegar and baking powder. Later on, put a handful of baking powder in your drawers to absorb the odors.

Final Words

The big green egg table will accommodate your egg grill, making it safe for use. Additionally, it gives you a working area to ready your meals before they hit the cooker. It is excellent equipment that you should have if you are a grilling enthusiast.

In this piece, we review some of the best big green egg tables. From the selection, you can pick the finest one to have for outdoor grilling.

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