Best 30-Inch Gas Range Reviews 2022: Top 5+ Recommended

Are you looking for ways to make yourself faster and more efficient in the kitchen? If you recall the things I say about my everyday life, you know how busy it is and how much I value practical kitchen appliances.

I used to have an electric smooth-top stovetop for quite some time, and just recently, I have switched to a gas range stovetop and oven.

Best 30-Inch Gas Range

The reasons behind this are various, and I will tell you more about that in detail. After that, I will go through my top 5 30-inch gas ranges on the market, while you will find it easy to follow with the newly acquired knowledge.

What Is a Gas Range And Why Is It So Good?

The most straightforward explanation of a gas range is that it is a kitchen appliance that has both a gas stovetop and an oven. Even though before this wasn’t the case, nowadays, gas ranges offer a variety of burner ranges.

It’s also not uncommon to have an additional fifth burner (compared to the standard four), which is usually used for keeping a dish warm, and it’s located in the center. Some are also equipped with a center wok grate, griddle plate, or other features to widen your options.

As far as the ovens are concerned, those that are available with a gas range include both convection and conventional ovens, and you can even look for a double oven model or a single oven model, as well.

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Pros To Using a Gas Range

1. You are in control of everything

The first thing and the most obvious one is the control you have when using a gas range. Unlike glass stovetops, the gas range gives you unparalleled power when it comes to adjusting the temperature and using it to the fullest.

For example, you can choose whether you’d like the biggest flame to quickly get your water to a boil, or you want to cook a stew on low heat for an extended period of time. You can even change between the two in a matter of seconds – gas ranges are extremely quick.

2. Even heat distribution

Thanks to the central position of the flames on the burners, the heat is evenly distributed throughout the entire pan or pot.

The heat spreads from the center of the pot, and it quickly and effectively spreads around the whole surface – thus making your meal evenly cooked, which is especially noticeable in meat-based dishes.

This reduces the risk of scorching hot spots on the cookware and the food itself, but it also prevents the cool spots from affecting the way your meal cooks up or taste in the end.

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3. Extra fast cooking time

This is something that even us, professional chefs, consider a must-have.

Whether you are a mom or dad with a busy schedule, a hard-worker who has little time to waste, or a professional cook, one thing is certain – you value your time and try to save up as much of it as possible.

This is why a gas range is a perfect option when you want to boil water in a couple of minutes, cook some meat, fry some eggs and pancakes, or make an entire meal.

Personally, this was one of the most critical factors that made me switch from an electric range to a gas one.

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4. Easy to maintain and clean

Because gas ranges are typically made with stainless steel surface (or any other sturdy and durable one), they are much easier to clean in comparison to their counterparts. However, this doesn’t mean you can let your gas range be unattended regularly – usually, they require daily clean up if that’s how often you use it.

The good thing about it is that all the grease and messy food that ends up on the range surface can be wiped away in a matter of seconds, with no difficulty at all. This is mostly because manufacturers provide an enamel coating on both the gas stovetop and the inside of the oven as well.

5. Gas stovetops are functional during power outages

Despite the popular belief, gas ranges need both electricity and gas to function as a whole – the oven uses electricity, while the stovetop uses gas. However, when the power is out, which we know always happens at the worst possible time, you have a backup.

Unlike other stovetops, gas stovetops are the only ones that can work without electricity. How many times were you in the middle of making dinner for guests or making lunch for your family, and all of a sudden – you are left in a dark kitchen with no heat source whatsoever? I had this happen to me too many times to be able to count it. But now that I switched to a gas range, I don’t worry about this anymore.

What To Look For When Buying a Gas Range?

1. Oven size, type, and safety

The oven is an essential part of every gas range. Therefore, it is only natural to get a hard look at the oven’s characteristics.

The first thing worth mentioning is the size or capacity of the oven. Based on this information, you can decide whether or not it is too big or small, and whether it can satisfy your needs.

Another important thing is the type of oven – is it convection or conventional, or maybe some other kind. This doesn’t affect cooking too much, but it is still important to know.

In the end, for you parents out there, you might like to know that some ovens have a safety lock to prevent children from burning themselves. I didn’t take this into account when picking out the top five 30-inch gas ranges, but I sure consider it to be a huge bonus.

2. Additional features

When I say additional features, I usually mean the things that you technically can live without, but if the product has these features, it’s a lot more valuable than its’ counterparts that don’t.

In the case of gas ranges, I am talking about custom wok grates or griddle plates, to give your gas range an even more extensive use.

3. Burners

Burners are a part of the gas stovetop, which is the other thing that I have to discuss.

The first thing you want to know is whether a particular gas range has four or five burners. Depending on this information, you will know more about the extent of your options, as well as a lack or addition of some features. For example, if you have the fifth, more modern burner, you are more likely to have a custom wok grate in the middle of the stovetop, made just for that purpose.

Another important thing to know is that not all gas ranges have all four or five burners the same. In some cases, there are some differences, depending on which you might use a specific burner for one particular thing.

4. Practicality

What some people consider practical, others might not, especially when it comes to electronics and the clash of generations. Personally, I pay attention to the controls a gas range has – are they manual or digital.

Manual controls give the ease and feeling of going back to traditional cooking, but, on the other hand, digital controls are more modern and have some other benefits, such as presets and cooking modes.

This is more of a question of personal taste than anything else, but in my opinion, having a digital interface is much more reliable and practical nowadays, so that would always be my number one choice.

Another thing many people find essential is the warming drawer which is not something all gas ranges have, even though it’s always highly requested as a practical feature to have.

5. Material and its features

As I mentioned previously, the most typical material for all gas ranges is stainless steel, which doesn’t come as a surprise. Even though such material is generally durable and robust, it can be damaged easily when it’s in the form of a most used kitchen appliance.

I’m telling you this specifically because some gas ranges are colored or have any layer on top of the stainless steel construction. This is where you can see damage, color chipping, or any sort of malfunctioning.

When you know your gas range is probably going to take up a lot of your central space in the kitchen, you want it looking good and lasting for many years, especially when you invest in it.

Most Recommended 30-Inch Gas Ranges: Detailed Reviews 2022

Now that you know all the essentials, you are ready for the exciting part – reviewing and choosing the greatest gas range in the most optimal size (30 inches).

Let’s start our search!

SAMSUNG NX58H9500WS Slide-In Gas Range with 5 Sealed Burners

The oven’s capacity is 5.8 cubic feet, which is enormous and way more massive than other ranges on this list. This means that you can fit multiple pots at the same time. Of course, you should be careful – if you cook for yourself, or two people at max, this might be too large for you. The type of oven is convection, which means it comes with a fan that will help cook your food even more evenly). Only, in this case, there are three fans!

The thing that also might come in handy if you have clumsy or curious children is the child safety lock, and you will need this at some point, believe me – I have two boys, I know what I’m talking about.

The gas range comes with a custom wok grate which easily accommodates a round bottom wok, and it’s made of cast iron.

Unfortunately, Griddle burner doesn’t get hot enough to grill stuff (takes a while to heat up enough for pancakes, for example), but if you have some patience left, you should be fine as it isn’t anything drastic.

As you probably figured out by now, there are five sealed burners on this gas stovetop, and they are different in shape and size.

The burners are:

  • 18K BTU
  • 15K BTU
  • 5K BTU
  • 9.5K BTU
  • 9.5K BTU (Oval)

I personally like it when the burners are different, and I always know which one to use for a specific thing.

The controls are digital, and I love the interface, even though I was a bit concerned that it would be a bit gimmicky. I have (thankfully) been proven wrong. It is built as a stable glass panel interface that is very easy to clean, and there are four healthy cook presets.

There are also three warming drawers, or, more precisely, three levels inside the oven, so you can prepare multiple meals at once.

This is one of the gas ranges that has no additional coloring or layering on top of the stainless steel construction, which means the exterior is incredibly durable and easy to clean, all while looking sleek and fancy.


  • Extremely large capacity
  • Child safety lock
  • Five burners
  • Custom wok grate
  • Digital interface


  • Griddle burner doesn’t get hot enough

Thor Kitchen HRG3080U 30″ Freestanding Professional-Style Gas Range

Thor Kitchen gave it their all to make this gas range worth its while. I decided to try it out, and here are my thoughts.

First thing’s first, the oven is high-powered at 22,000 BTU convection with a single fan sitting in the back of the oven to enable an even cook.

The capacity of this gas range oven is only 4.2 cubic feet – even though this is somewhat typical for convection ovens, this one is still too small, in my opinion. However, keep in mind that your needs might prevail here – if you don’t use an oven that often, and don’t cook for a lot of people, this is completely satisfying.

The gas stovetop features 4 burners:

  • One 18,000 BTU
  • One 15,000 BTU
  • Two 12,000 BTU burners.

The 18,000 BTU burner is used for high heat searing, and you can easily recognize which one it is in person, as it’s physically different than the other three.

As you can see, there isn’t the additional fifth burner that brings a lot of additional features and an overall larger variety of cooking. Therefore, I wasn’t very pleased with this gas stovetop.

However, the things that are included work amazingly, so if you are looking for something more simple, this could be just right for you.

There are two heavy-duty racks included so you can cook on several levels. The controls are manual, so at the start, you don’t have features like presets and cooking modes. The usage of this gas range is way more traditional and simple, compared to some other modern ones on this list.

Keep in mind that there is a reason why this gas range is on my list – for simple and traditional usage, the Thor Kitchen is a great option.

The material is stainless steel, and therefore very easy to maintain and clean. There isn’t any coloring on the exterior that can become damaged, so this 30-inch gas range should last a long time.

If you have any problems with your product, you can always use the 2-year warranty on parts and labor that the manufacturer provides.


  • For what it offers, it works great
  • 2-year warranty
  • Different sized burners


  • Manual controls
  • Limited options
  • Low capacity

Kucht KRG3080U/LP Professional 30″ 4.2 cu. ft. Propane Gas Range

Kucht was another manufacturer who wanted to replicate the traditional ranges. The oven is a convection with 4.2 cubic feet of capacity, just like the previous one.

Again, my opinion stays the same, as I wish the oven were a bit larger. Matching the power of professional kitchens, the range features a 22,000 BTU convection oven and a 15,000 BTU grill.

There is, of course, a fan in the back of the oven as a primary part of any convection oven. As this is another 4-burner gas range, you probably know by now not to expect any additional features aside from the ones that every gas stovetop has.

The burners are:

  • One 18,000 BTU burner
  • One 15,000 BTU dual burner with simmer
  • Two 12,000 BTU burners

There is nothing out of the ordinary here, although I must compliment the difference between burners as it truly is more practical and economical as well.

There are 3 warming drawers, or, to simplify it, you have 2 stainless steel racks that you can place any way you want in the five slots available – once you do that, you are left with three warming drawers for multitasking or, more precisely, multi-cooking.

This is another 30-inch gas range with manual controls that give the ease and feeling of going back to traditional cooking, but lack some other, more advanced and modern features that we mention all the time. It would be way more practical if this range was a mix of traditional and modern. But this way, it feels like you need to make a concrete decision and stick to your preference.

The material is stainless steel, and it isn’t colored so there isn’t a risk of chipping or other accidents. Cleaning is overall smooth, but keep in mind that you should clean your gas range at least once a week in detail, whereas on a daily basis, you need to wipe it up.

The manufacturer also offers a 2-year warranty which is more than some others give you, so don’t worry – if you decide on this gas range, they got you covered.


  • Offers the feel of traditional cooking
  • 2-year warranty
  • Different sized burners


  • Small capacity
  • No additional features

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Bosch HGI8054UC 800 30″ Stainless Steel Gas Slide-In Sealed Burner Range

Bosch is a company well-known to all of us, and we expect incredible quality from their products. I’ve heard a lot of good things about their 30-inch gas range, so I decided to give it a try.

The oven is a convection with a capacity of 4.6 cubic feet with a fan in the back. This size is just right – not too small, but not too big. Even if you are looking for something smaller, I would still recommend 4.6 over 4.2 as a slight advantage.

The oven cooks beautifully and evenly, so that is a great plus, and the bake/broil burner is 18.000 BTU.

The gas stovetop has 5 sealed burners:

  • Two 5,000 BTU burners (back left and back right)
  • Two 10,000 BTU burners (front left and front right)
  • One 18,000 BTU burner (center)

I really like the management of the burners, especially the fifth, additional one, as it helps heat pots faster, but also has individual features.

As you know by now, I am big on having the fifth burner, and I would almost always choose that kind of a gas stovetop.

However, even though there is a fifth burner, there aren’t any additional features that we are used to seeing in this case. This is a slight flaw that can change your mind if you’re looking for the whole package.

This is a modern gas range, that has a digital interface and therefore offers a lot of options. The most exciting thing is the 9 cooking modes that you can choose from:

  1. Bake
  2. Variable broil (hi/low)
  3. Roast, warm
  4. Proof dough
  5. Conversion (convection)
  6. Bake (convection)
  7. Roast (convection)
  8. Pizza
  9. Sabbath

I enjoyed using all these features, and they are all optimized for the thing they are supposed to do – for example, my pizza came out incredible, just the right color and bake time.

As this is stainless steel, it’s quite durable and made to last a long time. There aren’t any layers prone to cracking or chipping, so even the aesthetics will remain the same as long as you take good care of this gas range.


  • Five burners
  • Modern and digital
  • 9 cooking modes


  • No additional features

Blomberg BGRP34520SS 30″ Pro Gas Range

Probably the most popular choice from this list in this area of kitchen appliances is Blomberg’s 30-inch gas range. After hearing so many great things about it, I decided that it’s a must-try.

The oven is convection, with a capacity of 5.7 cubic feet and a convection fan. When using natural gas, oven power consumption is 18.500 BTU, whereas with using propane, oven power consumption is 17000 BTU.

I absolutely love the size of this oven – it’s enormous, and you can get the maximum value from it.

The gas stovetop has 5 burners:

  • Front Left 12,500 BTU
  • Rear Left 4,000 BTU
  • Front Right 20,000 BTU (simmering power burner)
  • Rear Right 8,000 BTU
  • Central 10,000 BTU (oval)

I was blown away by the variety this setup gives you, as they are all different sizes and are used for different things.

I especially liked the large, oval-shaped center burner because it’s perfect for getting expert results from recipes requiring an oversized pan or a grill.

This gas range is a mix of traditional and modern – it has manual controls without any digital parts, but there are 4 cooking modes included anyway:

  1. Bake
  2. Convection Bake
  3. Convection Roast
  4. Broil (high & low)

As I already mentioned, even though I prefer a digital interface, the perfect option would probably be to have the best of both worlds – which I believe this gas range has.

There are also three heavy-duty wire oven racks included so you can cook more meals at the same time, or simply make an extra-large batch of cookies!

This is the first range from this list that has coloring in some parts. The stovetop is black enameled, but I didn’t have any trouble with chipping off, and it’s really easy to clean.


  • Large capacity
  • 5 burners of different sizes
  • 4 cooking modes
  • Extremely variable

What Is The Best 30-inch Gas Range?

When it comes to kitchen appliances, the competition is always fierce.

The most important thing is knowing how to recognize valuable features and the overall practicality you would get out of a product – and that is precisely what I did. All things considered, Blomberg BGRP34520SS has the most to offer, and that is the leading 30-inch gas range currently on the market.

I hope you found this useful and that you are now a step closer to choosing the perfect option for you. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime.

Happy cooking! 🙂

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