Apple Cider Substitutes: Top 9 Alternatives

Apple cider has been a favorite drink for many people since it first appeared in the United States. But what if you can’t get your hands on any apple cider? It is time for a quick substitute!

You may not know this, but vinegar and apple cider can be swapped out in various recipes. These substitutes have the same flavor as their counterparts so there will be no alteration needed when cooking with them at home. To make your life even easier below I’ve listed some of these healthy replacements that should work well according to most recipe needs.

Apple juice

Apple cider can be swapped out for apple juice. Apple juice has the same flavor qualities as apple cider and less of a dry taste than pure apple juice because it is created from pulverized apples and water. If it’s an unsweetened variety, pay heed. If it isn’t, it would be better to go with a different option.

Lemon juice

The juice from this yellow fruit can be used to save your meal by providing a similar flavor and taste. This is due to the high acidity in lemon juice, which makes it an excellent choice for acidic foods like apples.

Rice wine vinegar

Rice wine vinegar is an excellent substitute for apple cider in your salad dressing. It has a sour taste that balances the other flavors and helps bring out their acidity, without offering any of the health benefits associated with drinking juice or eating apples. You can make it more fruity by adding lemon juice to replace some of its tartness!

Red wine vinegar

Red wine vinegar is one of the most popular kinds of vinegar in America, but it’s exceptionally strong and has a harsh taste. If you’re using it as a substitute for apple cider, be sure to only add small amounts at first; if needed later on down the road then just continue adding more!

In addition to being red-colored, this type contains tannins which give life not only flavors but also make your meal feel thicker on your tongue.

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White wine vinegar

White wine vinegar is another popular type of vinegar in the United States, and it’s an excellent substitute for apple cider. It has a similar color to that of apple juice but with a much lighter taste than red wine vinegar! If you’re looking for something more fruity as opposed to sour or strong-tasting like its counterparts then this may be your best bet.

For those who want something even more fruity still, we recommend trying white balsamic vinegar. It has a sweeter tasting without any sharp acid flavors at all. It’s perfect if you don’t have time to allow your food to simmer from cooking sauces long enough before serving!

Also, consider adding some lemon juice; not only does it improve the flavor profile, but also adds a nice smell.

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White wine

To make your dish even more delicious, put 2 tablespoons of white wine for every tablespoon of apple cider. The sweetness of the two tastes are very similar so you’ll be able to enjoy a better-tasting meal without missing out on anything important!

Sherry vinegar

Even though its taste is a bit different, it still makes a good substitute. The acidity in the taste of sherry vinegar is similar to the one in apple cider.

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Apple Cider Alternative for Ribs

What if you’re halfway through your favorite recipe for preparing ribs and then realize that there is no apple cider in the cupboard? Don’t worry, I have a solution! All it takes to save this dish from becoming dry as dirt are some applesauce or apple juice!

By adding these ingredients instead of any other fruit juices like orange or pineapple, you will create steamy foil-wrapped ribs which leave them juicy and scrumptious.

Apple Cider: Juice or Vinegar

A daily apple helps you avoid the doctor! You’ll be able to avoid many common ailments if you maintain a healthy diet. Both hot spiced apple cider and apple cider vinegar are excellent for maintaining your health. They not only have a delightful flavor, but also have several advantages.

Whole, freshly pressed, smashed apples are used to make apple juice. It is also known as sweet cider or apple cider without alcohol. Before being pasteurized, it unquestionably has to be filtered to ensure safe ingestion.

The process of making vinegar is what gives it its delightful flavor. It is fermented and contains acetic acid, water, naturally occurring sugar alcohol from the fermentation process, and microorganisms that stop the sugar from turning into acetic acid.

It’s likely not at the shop if you’re looking for apple cider. You can manufacture your own at home, though, thanks to this post! We not only learn how to make homemade cider step-by-step but also how to transform it into vinegar.

How to prepare apple cider at home?

The process of preparing apple cider is a little time-consuming but it can be easily made with the right ingredients.

Here’s what you will need:

  • 20 large apples
  • 1 orange
  • 8 cinnamon sticks
  • 2 tablespoons allspice
  • 2 packs of brown sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of cloves
  • 2 whole nutmegs


  • Set your stove to medium heat
  • Put a large pot on it
  • First place the apples in it, next the oranges, then the spices, and finally the brown sugar
  • When the mix starts boiling you’ll have to reduce the heat and start simmering for the next 2 hours
  • Take the orange out of the pot and mash the apples
  • Simmer again for 1 hour
  • Squeeze the juice out and toss away the solids
  • Now you have the perfect apple cider

How to turn apple cider into vinegar?

A new type of vinegar is in the process and its apple cider vinegar! It usually takes 2-4 weeks to turn a container of open, unfiltered apple juice into an aromatic concoction. The fermentation process needs as much air exposure as possible. Cover your batch with cheesecloth for protection from flies or other insects that might disrupt this natural brewing technique.

You know the vinegar is done when you taste its flavor and smell. These are what determine whether your apple cider has been cooked long enough to turn into something else! Once carbonated, then sweetened with a bubbling texture and lastly turned dry. This process will ultimately lead to an equally sour taste that turns out like vinegar after all.

Apple juice vs apple cider: the difference

There are many differences between apple cider and apple juice. Cider is made from the whole, unprocessed fruit whereas juices go through a process of extraction to remove all traces of pulp before being pasteurized for safety reasons. The two drinks also have different tastes – one has more tang than the other because it does not undergo fermentation as long!

Can apple cider vinegar be replaced in baking?

If you’re looking for the flavor, then I would suggest using lime juice or white wine instead of apple cider. If it’s health benefits that matter to you more than taste, lemon is your best bet.

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